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I’m not dead (yet), and the Feed

I’m not dead, and I don’t even have a hangover. I understand that in order to get a hangover you have to get drunk first, and a 207 pound man does not get drunk from 3 glasses of champagne and a taste of chocolate wine. I stayed at the party until after sunrise just to be sure all (or at least all the ones likely to use my route) the drunks were off the roads before I left. Mission accomplished, as you can read. And all it really required was the soundness of body required to sleep on the floor of the church. What that says about the soundness of my mind on the other hand…

Up first is a report on a very lucky cyclist in NJ. Bystanders lift car to free bicyclist who was struck, injured in Mays Landing What makes this cyclist lucky was there was a witness that saw the car approach from behind, turn right, and hit the cyclist, definitively placing the blame on the driver of the car and second that there was a gathering of about 40 people across the street to lift the car off of him so he could be treated quickly. He could have been more lucky had he not been hit, the best way to do that is to take the lane at intersections and position yourself directly in front of the driver of the vehicle behind you, unfortunately from what I understand of NJ traffic laws this solution is not available in NJ.

Closer to home a cyclist injured in a hit-and-run in Austin back in October finally gets to go home. Cyclist recovers after hit-and-run I think my position on hit-and-run drivers that leave the scene of an injury wreck has been well established, for new readers click on the “hit-and-run” tag in the tag cloud for a better understanding of what I mean.

A FL case of a fatal drunken hit-and-run against a cyclist finally gets closure. Drunken driver who killed cyclist pleads guilty, gets jail time Not an adequate sentence, but at least he stands a chance of getting more if he screws up in 2013…

And around the world in South Africa a cyclist is “knocked off” his bike and killed. CT cyclist killed by car Not much to go on in this one, but apparently the driver was at fault in the wreck.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits.

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