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A fresh year of insanity, the Feed

Here we are the first Monday of the New Year, ready to take on giants with a switch. Now if I could only get some people with authority to read my blog and work on infrastructure that makes riding a bicycle safer and less nerve-wracking. In the meantime, today because of the volume of links I have to filter the post will hop scotch across the country, but I will try to keep the overseas links at the end.

Up first is a dude high on Rush Limbaugh’s favorite candy killing a cyclist then hitting a van. Havertown driver charged in death of bicyclist in Philadelphia OK speeding, high on Oxycodone, and totally oblivious to what’s on the road in front of him, this “dude” was a wreck looking or a place to happen, and unfortunately there was a guy riding a bicycle where it happened. I don’t know that hit-from-behind protocols would have helped, but they wouldn’t have hurt. I don’t know how straight the driver was driving before he hit the cyclist, but it was obvious that he wasn’t driving very good after he hit the cyclist.

Not far away in NJ the man that was right-hooked in front of a crowd of witnesses that reported he was hit from behind, was released from treatment. Cyclist released from hospital after car ran him over in Hamilton Township This wreck might not have happened if NJ law allowed cyclists to take the lane where they can be seen. Initial reports were that the driver of the van was not impaired or distracted, he just didn’t see the cyclist over on the edge of the road.

Moving on to Oz for a bit, a cyclist is hit from behind by a motor vehicle. Cyclist dies after being struck by car Not much I can say about this one, from the pictures it appears to be a hit-from-behind wreck by an oblivious driver. Hit-from-behind protocol, if you have the time to react due to closing speed.

Still in Oz, another report on the wreck above plus a hit-and-run against a cyclist with no other details. Cyclist becomes second road victim of year Not enough about the hit-and-run to be able to know what happened, much less tell you how to avoid a similar wreck. It might be road rage.

From the same Feed report the fatalities mount almost exponentially as the day progresses more than doubling. National road toll hits 21 I had to look hard to find the bicyclists in that article National holiday road toll rises to 46 In the short time it took to compose this far in the post that second headline went from 44 to 46, no telling how many more will be added by the time you read it.

Now we get the Infrastructure! articles, First from Spokane WA. Paths proliferate for bicyclists, but fatalities haunt region I love how a few miles of sub-standard pavement is “proliferate” when there are hundreds if not thousands of lane-miles for cars in the same jurisdiction.

Infrastructure articles bring out the idiots online in MN. Readers respond: Addition of bike lanes separates online readers My favorite comment: “I sure wish Charlie understood that some drivers are not teachable.” If they aren’t teachable then they shouldn’t be drivers.

And in the Great White North, people are objecting to bike lanes because a pedestrian was killed in a collision with a bicycle. Resistance mounts over Vancouver bike lanes Seriously, if all it took to get things banned was a single person getting killed cars would have been banned years ago. The first fatal car wreck victim was a person riding a bicycle, after all.

While most of you were welcoming the New Year a group of Californians were riding bicycle. A New Year’s Bike-Safety Ride This was an annual ride to let people know a safe route from one city to another.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today. Now go ride your bike.

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