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Another featherweight Feed

When I opened the Feed this morning there were only 3 links in it, unfortunately all wrecks. But that made it easy to filter, I just have to get the articles in the correct order in the post. I see that yesterday’s post about loving cars was popular with links from some non-cycling sites, and for those of you who are new to this blog, Howdy! I’m not the big, mean cyclist that wants to take your car away, I would just prefer that you used it a little more responsibly. If we all work together on this then everybody can have fun and everybody gets to work on time, assuming they left on time. My commute is especially arduous this time of year, as the turnaround at the coffee pot is slick (I walk from the bedroom to the kitchen, then back to the bedroom and turn on the computer). My miles these days are all utility miles as I go to classes or church, or to buy groceries, or pretty much whatever I would be doing if I was driving a car, except I’m riding a bicycle. Deal with it, people on the roads.

Up first is a report from IL about a hit-and-run. Man injured in hit-and-run on bike spends Christmas in hospital I don’t know what took so long to get this in the Feed as the wreck was over a week ago, but be looking for the suspect vehicle if you live in the area of the wreck. I’m not going to make any comments about the make of the car, as I have discovered that the make of the car has little effect on the quality of the driver, although I haven’t heard of many Ferrari drivers committing hit-and-run, but I think that has more to do with the number of that make of car on the road than the quality of the driver. Anyway, right hook, use the right hook protocols to avoid if you find yourself in a similar situation.

In Portland the final outcome of a hit-and-run case bodes well for the future. Man Pleads Guilty In Cyclist Hit-And-Run I can see the wheels turning as you wonder how this bodes well for the future. Simple, the driver was charged with assault for hitting a vulnerable road user with the deadly weapon of his vehicle and sentenced similarly to what he would have been had he used a gun.

In Singapore a cyclist is killed and another injured. Cyclist dies, another hurt in accident Other than the bare fact of the wreck there wasn’t much about the mode, but the testimony of the surviving cyclist indicates it was probably a hit-from-behind as he went from riding down the road to waking up in a hospital with nothing in between. Regular readers know the drill, new readers are referred to the pages at the top of the blog for accident avoidance protocols.

And that’s the entire Feed for today.

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