A rather full Feed today

Nothing much going on in my personal life today, shopping and life maintenance activities, that’s about it.

Up first is a second cyclist killed in the most deadliest county in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. Second Cyclist in 2 Days Killed by Car in Sunrise The first 2 cycling fatalities in the US are in the same Florida county. This was the same county that led the country in 2009 in cyclists killed, one of a group of 3 FL counties that had almost 8% of the US cycling fatalities and 50% of the FL cycling fatalities in 2009. BTW this was another hit-from-behind wreck, you know where to find instructions on how to avoid a similar wreck.

An idiot cyclist with an idiot lawyer in CA. Santa Cruz City Council to vote on crash claim: Rider says bike lane crossing over Beach Street tracks unsafe I’m sorry but making a bicycle crossing over a railroad track 100% safe is impossible. There is a finite chance of injury every time a cyclist crosses a railroad track no matter how skilled the rider. It’s a very small chance, but it’s there.

In NYC police are cracking down on bicyclists that don’t signal turns. NYPD Crackdown on Brooklyn Cyclists Who Don’t Signal Turns Really? All the drivers now signal their turns and drive the (30 MPH) speed limit so you need to take care of the cyclists? Or is it you can catch the cyclists easily, but not so much the drivers.

From the wilds of Canuckistan a lawless cyclist gets a head injury. Duncan cyclist airlifted to Victoria hospital with severe head injury New Year’s Day‘It’s not confirmed if he was wearing a helmet,’ said Day, noting bicycle helmets are mandatory in B.C.” OK this is a case where a styrofoam magic hat might have prevented a head injury, or it might be a case of emergency personnel losing the remains of the helmet while caring for the victim. The victim may have collided with the curb and a power pole which exceeds the impact capability of helmets certified to strictly bicycle standards which are only good for one impact.

We have a huge lump of stories from Jolly Olde today with this one leading off about a cop running over a cyclist in Scotland> 9am Briefing: Police officer was driving car that killed Hogmanay reveller Not much here, but it’s interesting to note that not even cops are immune to hit-and-run psychology.

Still wandering around the UK, the firm that employed a drunken driver that was talking on his cell phone when he killed a cyclist “responds” to accusations. Fatal accidents and “buzzed” riders – Thames Materials responds I don’t know what to say about this one, but under US laws the firm would be at least partially on the hook for their driver.

Cyclists are still hopping mad over the very lax sentence handed down for hitting a cyclist from behind and killing her. `Cover up’ claim over cyclist’s road death Lots of reading there, but not much solid information. Lots of guessing going on as to why the charges were reduced so drastically.

Notice is posted that a cyclist’s death is under investigation. Inquest into cyclist death From other reports I have read on this wreck, the cyclist was not actually drunk in spite of having just left a drinking establishment on the night in question.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today, I got lots more links but the stories are either very old, or don’t have any real information. In other words I got a lot of links from the UK today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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  1. About the Canadian story – when I hurt myself by driving my bike directly into a trench and thenceforth to ICU, the medical personnel convinced themselves that I did not have a helmet on within 24 hours of my arrival. I still have the blood-soaked helmet as proof that I DID have one on, though it is not clear that it helped things in the slightest. I AM convinced that it at least did no harm which is the primary obligation of a helmet.


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