I have warm fingers, and the Feed

In case you were wondering about the headline, I got a new pair of gloves yesterday that are muy caliente. They were originally made for skiing, so they are both waterproof and breathable, I wore them for a while inside yesterday and my fingers were both hot and dry. You don’t know how nice that is right now, as I am having some difficulties keeping the fingers operating at the moment.

From the most deadliest state in the country to walk or ride a bike, more information on that hit-from-behind wreck earlier this week. Victim from Flamingo Road bicycle fatality identified as Plantation man Aside from the victim’s and killer’s names nothing substantial here.

And they got another one in FL, but this one is alive for the moment. Bicyclist critically hurt in hit-and-run accident The article tries to foist the responsibility for the wreck off on the cyclist for wearing black shoes and shirt, but from the debris left at the scene and the remains of the bike the cyclist should have been visible to any awake driver as the impact appears to have been just to the left of the right headlight. Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols, lots of lights and reflectors, and mandatory loss of car for hitting pedestrians and /or cyclists would prevent a similar wreck.

Moving across the continent and past the other end of the country to Canuckistan, we have a partial update on the cyclist that suffered a head injury January 1st. Cyclist seriously injured in crash, remains in hospital LEO think alcohol might have been involved in the wreck, but with conditions it wasn’t really necessary to cause that kind of damage, the slick conditions and late hour were ample to cause the wreck without alcohol. To avoid ride with studded tires and be very careful going down steep hills in freezing conditions.

Moving east in the Great White North, a major link for commuters in and out of Montreal is closed for the winter. Jacques Cartier Bridge bike path stays shut You know the same thing could be said about the cars on the bridge with ice falling and whatnot…

And it’s not just cars that are the danger in Oz. Cyclist and shopper in seperate attacks by Kwinana trio The cyclist was severely injured after he was knocked off the bike by the thugs, but it wasn’t made clear if he was robbed like the other victim or just beaten.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits. I might add something to the Gigi Story page later today, I’m feeling inspired.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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