Daily Archives: January 9, 2011

Trying to stay warm in damp and cold TX

Howdy from WoaB HQ here in the suburbs of Hell. It hasn’t quite frozen over yet but it’s trying to. On the way to church I got rained on copiously with a temperature around 35F and a slight tailwind, on the way home from morning services I was snowed on with a temperature of 31F. I haven’t finished making the studded tires or the wheels to put them on yet, so all I have are the Primo Comets that came with the bike, tires not known for either wet-weather or icy conditions, and there is a possibility that I’ll get a chance to find out for myself how the Comets handle icy conditions. If I don’t make a blog post tomorrow, you will know why.

On the trying to stay warm part of the story I have those ski gloves that shed water and provide a copious amount of insulation without restricting the circulation in my fingers, plus I have a set of Space Glove Liners that reflect the heat back to your fingers without restricting circulation. Even with all this awesome technology gloves and hands have to stay dry to stay warm, but in the technology’s favor the fingers stayed reasonably warm even with near to sub-freezing temperatures and being soaking wet in the rain. As the rain has switched to snow I’m thinking I should be warmer on the trip to evening services.

PSA, Opus