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Beeping and buzzing after visiting the Lab Rat Keeper, the Feed

Yes I’m beeping and buzzing every 15 minutes at the moment as the ABPM is keeping track of my blood pressure and heart rate for the final set of data points for this study med. I have to say I’m of mixed mind about this med. On the one hand, it works. I can’t deny that my blood pressure is under better control with this med than any study med I have ever been on. On the other hand the side effects while not life-threatening are certainly not consistent with a quality life-style. The constant phantom itching and the peripheral circulation issues are bad enough to make me quit using the meds if this was not a study with a known cut-off date. I mean seriously, if taking them wasn’t my job I would have stopped these meds weeks ago, there is no justification for frozen fingers and toes when the room falls below 70 degrees F. One thing I am happy with is the side effect the second med was supposed to correct is almost gone. I have almost no swelling of the lower leg to speak of. So the new med does what it is supposed to, it just does a lot of other things it isn’t supposed to do.

Up first, the driver in a hit-and-run attempts to continue running, this time away from a court hearing. La Quinta Hit and Run Suspect Detained After Skipping Court Appearance I think the facts are becoming plain in this case, the woman is scum, lower than a snake’s belly, of low moral character, help me think of some more phrases synonymous with the previous… Murdering slime, unfit to share air with… Think of some more. The facts of the case are that the driver hit the victim from behind in the bike lane hard enough to kill him at the scene. In the bike lane, where cars should not be by law, and then she left him to die. Then she failed to show at the hearing for her plea-bargain, which in my mind disqualifies her from getting a plea and indicates some degree of malice in the actions. And for Deities’ sake don’t let her bail or bond out again! She’s a proven flight risk.

From one of the 3 most dangerous counties to walk or ride a bicycle in the US another cyclist is hit from behind. Bicyclist injured in crash on U.S. 19 If we take this story at face value it strongly illustrates a major part of the problem, lack of cyclist education and poor choices by cyclists. The cyclist was riding in the concrete median and was apparently riding while impaired with dark clothing and no lights on the bike when he left the median and entered the inside lane of traffic. This illustrates why it is such a bad idea to ride while inebriated, it hampers your judgement and makes you think it’s a perfectly reasonable idea to ride at night with no lights in the median of a high-speed road. I have nothing to say about the rider’s choice in clothing color except to ask what color clothes does the investigating officer wear to work?

A lady in Oz is hit by a cyclist that was hit by a car, for the second time in her life. Cyclist injured in car collision OK how many times can this actually happen to a person? I mean she’s only 28 and this is the second time she was riding her bike and hit by another bike that was hit by a car. My wife says her life is much like the song on Hee-Haw “If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all…” As for how to avoid, technically it’s a pinball wreck, which requires super-human abilities to analyse and avoid.

In infrastructure news from CA, because bike lanes were not installed when the street was widened a decade ago a city will have to move $4000 from road maintenance funds to install new signage directing touring cyclists to a different route. Santa Cruz City Council to consider changing coastal bike route I hope they get huge potholes on the road they “forgot” to install bike lanes on… 😉

And that’s all the news that gave me fits so far today.

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