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More “good” news from the Lab Rat Keeper, and the Feed

Well, I’m finally back from the LRK with a report on my blood work. We finally have a possible cause of my weight loss slowing to nothing in spite of nearly doubling my monthly mileage for the last 3 months. Apparently my thyroid levels have been bouncing off the floor just since the study began, and that might also have something to do with my frozen fingers. Normally I am quite resistant to cold temperatures, but since the study meds started I have been getting increasingly sensitive to cold, with temperatures below 65 causing chilled fingers and serious pains and loss of function. Well, I have a prescription for Synthroid now, which I will get filled tomorrow and we’ll see what that does for my frigid fingers. I also got a free insulated travel mug and coupons for 4 cups of coffee from 7-11 because I was part of the morning rush at the transit station this morning.

Up first is an update on the Kansas female humanoid that hit-and-run killed a cyclist, and missed her court date. Kansas woman accused in the hit-and-run death of a La Quinta bicyclist returns to court After missing her second court date, she was arrested and held pending $50000 in bail, which ensured that she showed up for the third court date. Her first court date was where she was arraigned after being arrested and pleaded not guilty to DUI and hit-and-run charges. This was the woman that killed a man by hitting him from behind in the bike lane…

Part of an article about drunken scum terrorizing the cycling population of Long Island, NY. Driver charged with DWI in hit and run If you want to pony up the $$ to read this article go ahead. I’m not going to. The free version from a non-greedy news outlet. Driver Charged With DWI in Farmingdale Hit-and-run pictures from another Newsday.com article showed a bike in several pieces in the outside lane plus more bits on the shoulder, plus clothing items in the left-hand tire track of the outside lane where the cyclist probably ended up. The BSO I was hit riding wasn’t as badly damaged as this bike, so I’m going to assume at least as high an impact speed as the wreck I was in, minimum of 60 MPH. I don’t have enough information to advise on how to avoid a similar wreck except for a general pointing at the protocols page at the top of my blog.

Something to think about before you get hit. Cyclists and runners: Have identification on you when you are outside If you’re reading this on BikeJournal.com then I suggest purchasing RoadID through the site store, Slantz could use the $$ to maintain the site, if you’re just reading my blog at WordPress, then get thee hence to BikeJournal and help pay for my Premiere Membership.

Moving to the Great White North, a cyclist asks where the driver that assaulted him is and why aren’t LEO doing a better job of finding the vehicle? Injured cyclist wants answers The wreck was captured by a surveillance camera which shows a silver mini-van leaving the scene after hitting the bike. Not much to go on. Given that the wreck was the mini-van hitting the front wheel of the bike as it was moving to the sidewalk I’m not real sure how this could have been avoided, the cyclist was in the process of bailing to an escape route just not fast enough to avoid getting hit.

And Infrastructure! news from CA, about that track crossing that has taken down 2 riders at least, because that’s the number of riders suing the city where the crossing is located. Santa Cruz City Council rejects cyclist’s claim but wants safety study: another injured rider intends to file suit When I read the rport from last week I didn’t see the part where this crossing has taken out multiple riders, which moves it away from the “stupid cyclist” category and closer to the “dangerous infrastructure” category.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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