Daily Archives: January 13, 2011

Late add to the Feed

I just got another link, this being an update on the third cyclist hit in FL. He’s now the third cyclist killed in FL since the start of 2011. Bicyclist dies days after hit-and-run OK there have been 5 cyclists killed since the start of the year, and the first 3 were in FL. Heads up you guys in FL. You have a head start on the rest of the country, which is not something to be desired.

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Still cold, and the Feed

Well, what did you expect? I haven’t even taken my first dose of Synthroid yet and I’m only one day off the study med, so 1) my thyroid levels are still in the basement, and 2) I haven’t washed the study med out of my system yet. That should take about 2 weeks with gradual improvements in my circulation during the process. And I still have the equivalent of phantom limb itching as all those nerves that have been dormant have suddenly started to be “on-line” again. I like being able to feel things in the places that were numb in the past, but I don’t like the process my body is putting me through to get that.

The good thing about the Feed today is there were only 2 links. The bad thing is there is one infrastructure link and a second link about a UK MP falling off his bike while on holiday in Oz.

After e-assist bikes were banned in NYC, some people want them regulated? Upper East Siders Want More Regulation of Electric Bikes How much more regulated do you want? What you really want is enforcement of the laws as they exist, with better control over delivery cyclists. And the vehicle pictured in the article is an e-scooter with pedals, not an e-assist bike.

And some politician in the UK falls off his bike but can still send tweets. Cambridge MP injured in cycling accident I only included that link to pad out the post a bit, and also to show what I usually filter out from the UK. Really as UK reports go this was a fountain of information about the wreck, mainly because there was no second vehicle involved. It rather sounds like an “Artie Johnson” wreck with clipless pedals that he tried to catch by using his arm.

And that’s all the news I got today. I could make some stuff up, but this isn’t The Onion, this is Witch on a Bicycle.

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