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Infrastructure heavy, the Feed

Yay! No bicycle wrecks in the Feed today. There were a lot of motorcycle wrecks, but none involving 2 wheels and pedals that make the wheels turn.

And all the articles from the US were about the same bill being presented in OR, one that would have made placing a passenger younger than 6 on the back of your bike or in a trailer made for doing such things illegal. From the cyclists’ and civil libertarians’ point of view the bill wasn’t good Editorial: Early example of a bad bill but from the hate all cyclists all the time lobby, it was a case of the cyclists beating up on a legislator The bike-activist gauntlet To the author of The Oregon piece, if someone was looking at the real statistics that the number one killer of the under 18 crowd was motor vehicle crashes, by a substantial number (and it is BTW, look up the breakdowns by age in the FARS and compare those numbers to diseases from the CDC, or just look up the CDC mortality study) and decided to ban cars within 1000 feet of schools and daycare centers, or decided that children under the age of 18 should never be in cars, would you be upset at the usurpation of your parental prerogatives? Or thankful that wiser heads had saved you from yourself?

In China, their questions are more about installed equipment than restrictions on riders. Government proposes safety regulations for bicycle riders I’m still trying to figure out what having a bell installed will do to prevent getting hit by (or with) a car, but they are useful for alerting pedestrians and other riders about impending road conflicts.

And that’s it today, no wrecks, no bodies, no traumatic injuries except the boo-boo I got while typing too fast. I really should trim my fingernails more often.

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