I went on a beautiful Full Moon Ride, and the Feed

Last night I went on a beautiful ride under a full moon with mostly clear skies. And what did I take away from all that beauty? I need a brighter headlight. I couldn’t pick out road defects in the moonlight and my headlight was not bright enough to pick them out either. I’m hoping the new headlight will provide the lumens I need to light up the road ahead with the sharp beam cutoff needed to not blind oncoming drivers.

Up first is another report on the sentencing of a drunk driver for the killing of a cyclist. Quinzy Fraser sentenced to 8 years in death of cyclist Stanton Miller This was the former football star that had several previous DUI and Public Intoxication arrests before he hit the cyclist while driving with a BAC of .19%, well over the .08% legal limit. Because the sentence included 5 years probation after the 8 year incarceration the entire 8 years will be served in jail or prison. The only thing I couldn’t find out is if driving will be treated as illegal possession of a weapon or allowed after retesting after he gets out. IMHO anyone who has been convicted of killing while DUI should be treated as if a motor vehicle was a WMD legally, since they have already proven that they are unable to handle the responsibility if driving.

In CA the defense attempts to prove the driver in a hit-and-run on a cyclist was legally licensed at the time of the wreck, as if that makes any difference in the severity of the injuries or other aspects of the crime. Lawyer plans to prove Saratoga man had license at time bicyclist was hit, injured OK assuming that his license was technically in force at the time of the wreck, that still doesn’t excuse the other 4 counts against him, just the misdemeanor charge of driving without a license.

Continuing on the courtroom drama theme, the defense motion to quash critical evidence in a hit-and-run murder case is overruled. Michael Cardoza, Brown’s lawyer, makes motion to toss phone evidence I’m surprised to find out this is being prosecuted to such a high level of criminality as murder, with so much at stake I can see why the defense is trying to quash evidence. And after a fair trial I expect a quick and clean hanging.

The forensic team of scientists in McAllen TX is on the case in an October hit-and-run. Police identify vehicle model in McAllen cyclist’s fatal hit-and-run wreck; reward announced Ummm, the wreck was in October and it took until January to ID the debris as belonging to a Ford Escort?

Moving to new(er) wrecks, a cyclist in the Windy City is struck and left for dead. Bicyclist killed in possible hit-run on South Side I like the “possible” hit-and-run, it makes it sound like there could be another cause for massive trauma leading to death while riding a bicycle in the street… From the description it looks like a hit-from-behind wreck, use the appropriate protocol from the link at the top of my blog to avoid a similar wreck.

Another report on the CT hit-and-run fatality of a 14YO cyclist. Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run” At least in this report the cyclist was not considered to be a trespasser in the street but e legitimate road user hit from behind by a criminal driver, or at least a little more than the first report we got earlier.

A right hook in AZ. Bicyclist Killed by Car in Phoenix The cyclist was riding along legally when the driver decided to turn right. Use intersection protocols to avoid this one, if there is time. I’m not sure the driver ever actually cleared the cyclist before turning.

A hit-from-behind wreck in Canadia. Cyclist, 56, killed in collision with car in St. Clet As is normal in most hit-from-behind the driver was absolved of all fault in the crime because the cyclist was in the road and it was dark. “At this point it looks like it was an accident,” he said. “It was very dark.”

A cyclist in South Africa stops to retrieve a lost piece of equipment just in front of a very large truck. Top cyclist killed in truck crash OK to avoid a wreck like this pull off the road when you stop. Nothing that falls from your bike can be as important as your life.

And a letter to the editor in Yuma AZ that pretty much describes the conditions everywhere in the US if not the Anglophone world. Rights of cyclists not respected here Greg, what you describe is pretty much the norm in the US, Canada, and the UK. Cyclists’ rights are not respected much anywhere that English is the predominate language. I don’t know why that is but it’s true.

Infrastructure woes in the UK. Theft of manhole covers could lead to death of a cyclist, warns AA Umm, OK, wow! Just wow. First of all how do you sell a stolen manhole cover? They are usually well marked as to where they come from and who they belong to. Second, why? There have to be easier ways to find money, even in the UK.

A rather bizarre part of the infrastructure in China. China TV shows grisly deaths as driving lessons One of the “benefits” of 24 camera surveillance for “subversive elements” is you get many wrecks on tape from many different angles. This then leads to hit TV shows where the wrecks are watched in slow motion and discussed in gruesome detail. This is one show you don’t want a starring role on.

And to wrap up, another take on the ban-kids-from-bikes bill in OR. Bikes and babies: A dangerous combination? I suggest the writer look at the CDC report on the causes of death by age, motor vehicle wrecks are by far the greatest cause of death to 6-35, and second most to the under 6 group. In fact bicycles don’t even make the top 10 for any age group. From that perspective the greatest thing we could do to keep our younger generation alive to voting age would be to prohibit them from riding in motor vehicles.

That’s all the news that gives me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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