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In honor of this comic through Tuesday 01/25/11 (US dating system) I say that the new Dallas Bike Plan is a bully good plan, as soon as they find a way to pay for it.

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It’s a sign of the Apocalypse, and the Feed

I have Infrastructure! articles that are sure the sign of the end of the world, plus the usual Feed. I also have a cooking class this afternoon, so I have to get this post done as soon as I can.

Up first is another report on the McAllen crime lab determining the make and model of the car that hit and killed a cyclist back in October… October. Police Say They Know Type of Vehicle in Fatal Hit-and-Run This would have been useful information say at the beginning of November when there was still a chance of finding the vehicle in a local body repair shop, but there is still a chance of finding the owner if he was stupid enough to actually use his real name at a shop that keeps names and pictures of damaged cars. I have to say this was a well-written article.

Don’t hit the pedestrians. Police Log: Bicyclist vs. Pedestrian; Car vs. Utility Pole Don’t hit the pedestrians. Don’t hit the pedestrians, especially don’t hit the pedestrians walking on the sidewalk, even if you are in a driveway. Don’t hit the pedestrians. This report came from MA.

The cyclist that ran a red light into a car died Tuesday. Arcadia cyclist succumbs to injuries sustained in collision Only run red lights when you have determined that it won’t change for you, then treat it like a stop sign and wait until traffic is clear before proceeding.

More on the NYC kerfluffle over giving cyclists tickets. Cyclists Fined $270 For Running Red Lights… In Central Park I don’t know these particular red lights, but I have been told they are for pedestrian crossings.

Moving to the UK a cyclist that hit a pothole and was thrown off her bike gets £££. Cyclist Injured after Hitting Pothole Wins £7k Cycle Accident Compensation This is a major difference between UK and US jurisprudence, in the UK government is expected to keep road surfaces maintained to prevent wrecks and is subject to lawsuits recovering damages for injury and property damages from failure to maintain. In the US you’re SOL.

How bicycle boulevards work when you do the same thing for cars. Superstreets make traffic 20% faster by eliminating left turns This is basically the idea behind a bicycle boulevard, except in this case it’s used to make cars go faster. As a bicycle boulevard it makes cars go away and bicycles go faster, because the intersecting streets have to stop, and can’t turn left into the bicycle boulevard, and cars on the boulevard can’t turn left on the street, while bikes can just ride straight through without stopping. What this does for homes on the street is turn what had been a through street into almost a cul de sac as cut-through car and truck traffic is eliminated, leaving the only motor vehicles on the boulevard the ones that have business on that block.

And here is that sign of the Apocalypse I was mentioning at the beginning of the post. Bill would let bikes, motorcycles go through red lights This essentially makes VA law conform to the UVC Federal model. This is what I base my advice on when I tell you to wait until you’re sure it’s busted and won’t pick your vehicle up then treat it like a stop sign and go when clear.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits.

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