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Insanity and cold feet, and the Feed

Yep, things are getting pretty crazy around WoaB HQ here in the chilly suburbs of Hell. Things haven’t frozen over, but I do have cold tootsies. Not like what my fingers were on the recent study med, but still colder than I like them to be. I have noticed that the denizens of this abode tend to get a little wacky(er) when the temperatures get out of a very narrow band of comfort. Me, I’m comfortable between 80 and 60 in pretty much the same level of (non)clothing year-round. I set the thermostat at 78 in the summer and 62 in the winter and enjoy the lowest possible energy bills all the time. The other people in the house aren’t as adaptable as I am, the worst of which has a comfort zone that goes from 72 in the summer to 74 in the winter. Yes, a 2 degree F comfort spread with the preference for the higher temperature in the winter when I drop the temperature. And if she is outside her comfort zone she complains endlessly about it. “It’s too >insert complaint about temperature difference< in this house," every day except for a couple of weeks in the fall and spring. Hey, if you're cold put on some (more) clothes, if you're hot wear less. The wife has a disagreement about the energy bill, and thinks I'm full of donkey dust because she writes the check for the electric bill.

Up first is more from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride, a cyclist that was recently right-hooked decries a possible reduction in signs informing drivers that bicycles belong on the road. Injured LBK cyclist urges commission to keep signs I mean, really. The most dangerous state in the US to ride a bike, and they want to make things worse?

In CA a report on a hit-and-run on a cyclist that fortunately only resulted in first-aid type of injuries. Hit and run with injury leaves no one injured Notice to h8ers: first-aid only is still an “injury”, “injury” does not require transport to a hospital.

From America’s cycling Utopia, they caught the drunk that killed a cyclist. Caleb Pruitt posts bail, awaits trial in Angela Burke fatality I’m not sure, but I think this is not the first time this person has been arrested for DUI, which is part of the reason for the upgrading of the charges against him.

In Canadia, a compilation of wrecks in the last 19 months between a transit company and the general public shows a gradual increase in both the number and the severity of the wrecks. Timeline: Pedestrians and cyclists killed by TTC vehicles I don’t know what to say about this as most of the wrecks seem to be streetcars, that run on tracks that people know where they are going to be, etc. Bus wrecks on the other hand (or foot) are about equally dependant on the other operator for avoidance, but using the protocols for hit-from-behind and intersection wrecks will reduce your involvement with buses hopefully to non-fatal levels. You can’t always avoid the wreck, but maybe you can avoid the morgue.

From Jolly Olde comes a report on the sentencing of a hit-and-run driver that hit a pedestrian pushing a bike and left him for dead. Jail for Lake District hit-and-run driver who left cyclist injured at roadside The injured cyclist/pedestrian was walking facing traffic as required by law when hit by the drink driver, who was doing about 55 MPH (90 km/h) and has not yet regained full use of his legs as a result of the wreck.

Also from the UK is a hit-and-run report with actual information about who was doing what where in the roads that lets me give advice on how to net be in the same type of wreck, warning graphic x-rays of the injury included. Goring cyclist injured in hit-and-run The description of the wreck tells me it was a hooking wreck of the left-hook variety because of driving on the wrong side of the roads in the UK and that the cyclist was using intersection protocols to avoid the wreck and reduce the injury when he was hit. He broke his leg in 11 places following the protocols, imagine what the results might have been had he not been paying such good attention to what drivers were doing around him.

More on the South African killed by a truck, from her American college, Carla Swart, a cycling star at Lees-McRae College, killed in collision in her native South Africa

From Enn Zed, a cyclist and a car had a meeting going the opposite direction. Cyclist killed in Wellington Not much to go on here except there is a possibility the cyclist crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic due to the speed of going downhill.

And we close with an Infrastructure! article from America’s bicycle Utopia. Eastside streetcar expansion wreaking havoc on cyclists, but not for long And in reply to the first commenter from that article, I only have 2 eyes that only have a limited number of directions they can point. Exactly how am I supposed to watch for cars to my left and right, pedestrians coming off the sidewalks, and cars coming from the back, and road-level traps that can dump me off the bike in a fraction of a second, all at the same time?

And that’s all the news that gives me fits, today.

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