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A very “Monday” Monday Feed

I’m afraid today’s headline couldn’t be more descriptive, this is a very “Monday” Feed, it would be “Monday” even if it were on Wednesday. It’s mostly depressing, with glimmers of hope, and a whole bunch of articles about 2-wheeled wrecks that don’t involve bicycles. In other words, “Monday”. The only thing that keeps this from being the epitome of “Monday” is the relative lack of Infrastructure! articles. Lately those have been showing up more in Saturday Feeds for some reason.

Up first is a cyclist running a stop sign from “Where America’s Day Begins”. Cyclist, 19, injured after hitting truck C’mon people, how hard is it to slow and yield at a stop sign? Even if you don’t stop if you slow and yield you won’t hit or get hit. I guess because the rider was 19 there was a little “teenage bulletproof” going on. Still, people, use some sense when approaching a stop sign.

Moving way to the east of the first article, in CA a driver is sentenced to 10 years in prison for driving under the influence of prescription and illegal drugs and killing a cyclist. Modestan gets 10 years for bike rider’s death I find it amusing that the defense was complaining that other drivers under similar circumstances only got a single year of prison. Times they are a-changing and vehicular homicide is getting treated much more in line with other homicides. I don’t know the mode of this wreck, the links I had from back then are all broken now (and I can’t even access that blog any more).

A cyclist in Boston is hit, nothing more about it in the blotter article. Crash & Burn: Fires in Stow, Springfield, Groton; Cyclist Killed in Boston Well it was at an intersection, so maybe intersection protocols would have helped, and maybe not. More Bicyclist killed in downtown Boston crash was 74 years old, police say

In the Emerald Isle, a conviction for killing a cyclist is overturned because the jury wasn’t allowed to consider a lesser charge? Really? Man’s conviction over David McCall death quashed Does the fact that a jury voted unanimously to convict on the charges presented mean nothing?

Moving to Oz, they are managing to kill cyclists in the middle of a road safety campaign. Three killed on day two of Operation Safe Return I love this quote: “Almost one-third of the total deaths for 2011, which is now at 23, have occurred in the past two days so it’s clear the safe driving message just isn’t getting through.Gee, ya think? For the cyclist I don’t know what happened, really. The official account states the cyclist stopped suddenly and went over the bars into traffic where he was hit, but I find this to be “improbable”. Given how hard it is to do a “stoppie” on purpose I find it peculiar that this person did one by accident. More Cyclist dies after collision with bus and NSW holiday road toll soars to six also Deadly weekend despite safety drive

In Enn Zed a wreck is partially blamed on poor infrastructure. Cyclist killed at suburban corner Nothing official on the mode of this wreck, but from the comments in the article it’s plain that traffic controls were being ignored by at least one of the people involved. Intersection protocols might have avoided this death if not the actual wreck. From the description of the remains, I would say excessive speed on the part of the motor vehicle was highly probable. More Killed cyclist didn’t feel safe in Wellington also Truckie and two motorists die in crashes

Legal Infrastructure in the UK as a principle of “proportional liability” for road users is introduced in Parliament. RAC Foundation slams MP’s call for tougher action on drivers who kill and injure cyclists The idea is that because trucks do more damage than cars, trucks are more liable in a wreck than cars, because cars do more damage than bicycles, cars are more liable in a wreck than bicycles, and because bicycles do more damage than pedestrians, bicycles are more liable in a wreck than pedestrians. Of course the largest lobbyist in the UK for cars objects strenuously.

Now we get to the “fun” part, or what is potentially fun, the Lifestyle articles. I don’t know how much “fun” you would call this first article, but as the survivor of a traumatic brain injury (nothing as severe as this one) I find it inspiring. A bike crash sends the rider on an unexpected course I find the level of care for this victim, who was not involved in a car wreck and presumably had good insurance, markedly different from the level of care I got as the victim of a hit-and-run with no insurance.

An ode to the winter cyclist from someplace where they really have winter. Joe Soucheray: The mind of the winter bicyclist Yes where they really have a winter riding a bike takes some courage and resolve, not to mention good clothing for the purpose.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits for this Monday.

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