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An infrastructure conundrum, and the Feed

There is a debate going on over at BikePortland, about cars parking in the bike lane, that I will discuss at the bottom of this post, just giving a heads-up. There are also idiots driving cars in the bike lanes, in NYC, and other infrastructure woes and calamities. Plus, some people riding bicycles were hit with cars.

Among those cyclists hit with cars in today’s Feed was this SC cyclist hit from behind and left for dead. Injured Aiken cyclist identified Not enough parts left at the scene to identify the make of the car, but it was a small white one with right-front corner damage. All you Aiken-Augusta area readers (both of you) keep an eye peeled for a small white sedan with damage indicated in the article. If you see one take the plate number down (or take a picture on your cell phone) and call the contact number in the article. To avoid a similar wreck, hit-from-behind protocols as spelled out in the link at the top of my blog might be helpful if the wreck was unintentional, and can’t hurt even if the wreck was intentional.

From the Great White North comes a good report on a cyclist that was hit-and-run. Police make arrest in hit and run As I read this article there were only 2 comments, both of which were favorable to the cyclist and acknowledged his right to be on the road. Anyway, another hit-from-behind wreck, protocols, yadda-yadda.

From Enn Zed comes a report that is so breaking they don’t even know who was hit. Cyclist killed in collision As of the posting of the article LEO had not released any details of the wreck.

Still in Enn Zed is a report that drivers don’t know crap about cyclists’ rights and duties and cyclists aren’t much better. More calls for driver safety after cyclist death Apparently the driver that killed the cyclist in Wellington was not driving according to code, but to some imaginary code that did not include bicycles as legal roads users.

Unfortunately, I’m in the middle of a computer crash that deleted all my TrueType fonts, making my e-mail a sea of blank graphics with different colors where the links used to be and I can’t get to that BikePortland article. I can get the fonts back, but I have to reboot my computer to do so and I won’t be able to save this post if I do. So the links to the discussion at BikePortland will have to wait until I can reboot.

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