Daily Archives: January 29, 2011

An all-Oregon Feed

Well things are interesting for a Saturday, as first we only have 2 links in the Feed (usable links), that are both from OR. Second, we are approaching Imbolc, a celebration of the coming Spring, at my church tomorrow, which is always “interesting”.

Up first is a hit-and-run against a cyclist walking his bike through a crosswalk. Police Still Seeking Suspect in Hit and Run OK for all the bike-h8ers that prowl the web, this guy was doing exactly what many of you claim is the law for bicycles, get off and push the bike in intersections. And what happened? Someone hit him and left his lifeless body laying in the street. Intersection protocols, for what it’s worth.

No cyclists killed in Portland in 2010, a record low number of car occupants killed, but pedestrians are up 36%. Record low number of Portland motorists killed in 2010, but pedestrian deaths up 36 percent So, no cyclists, fewer car occupants, but a buttload of pedestrians killed. It could be just a statistical outlier, or it could be a trend developing. I sincerely hope that this was just a statistical outlier caused by a couple of multiple-fatality bus-pedestrian wrecks this year in Portland.

That is all the bicycle-related stuff I have today. I plan another “slice of life” post tomorrow, if you like that.

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