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Back to the blood’n’guts, the Feed

Well, yesterday was nice, but now I have to get back to actually reading the Feed. Speaking of yesterday I did my last ride for January and my first ride of the year in shorts, and not just to prove how tough I am like the Polar Bear Club hacking holes to swim in the ice, I actually perspired on my shorts ride yesterday. There are advantages to living in a suburb of Hell on occasion. Riding a bike wearing shorts on the last Sunday in January might be one of them, or maybe not.

Up first is a reason to have your bike wreck in a major media market like NYC rather than in some place like Pine Plains (and I’m picking on my in-laws with this one). Hit-and-Run Driver Injures Cyclist Near Times Square and Madoff vic hits and runs: cops also UPDATE: Delivery Man On Bike Run Struck By Car Notice the vast difference in tone between the 3 articles. The Times was strictly business, cyclist was hit from behind and his body slid under an illegally parked car, cyclist was named, driver of the car that hit him was named, driver was drunk end of story. The Post, on the other hand, did everything it could to make this somehow not the fault of the rich person that was driving drunk and hit the cyclist from behind, and who then attempted to flee the scene in a vehicle that was badly damaged in the wreck, to the point of trying to make the damages on the car somehow the fault of the cyclist. Then you have The Gothamist, who at first reported the cyclist was hit by 2 vehicles as the story was breaking, then later corrected their report to note that the second vehicle was in fact illegally parked and the cyclist was forced under the vehicle from behind by the first vehicle. From all this information I can say that there was no way for a cyclist to avoid this wreck, because of a combination of snow on the street, illegally parked cars forcing cyclists 2 lanes over from the snow covered bike lane (one comment referred to over a foot of snow in the bike lane) and also cutting off the escape route in that direction. Mix in a speeding drunk driver (30 MPH speed limit in NYC, cyclist’s body causing major damage to the car that effectively rendered it undrivable, that would require vehicle speed well in excess of the speed limit) and you have a situation that becomes unavoidable for the cyclist. Additional links Food deliveryman critically hurt in NYC hit-run also Cyclist in Critical Condition, Driver Charged After Friday Night Hit-and-Run in Midtown and still more Cyclist Struck by Hit-and-Run Lexus that one made it sound like the driver wasn’t actually there, the car did it on its own Cyclist Critical After Being Struck by Drunk Madoff Victim, Police Say even more Driver Arrested After Hit-And-Run Of Delivery Man On Bike another article from the Post Madoff pal’s son cuffed in boozy hit-run Slight difference in tone in that one. Late update from the Gothamist Hit-And-Run Driver Who Struck Bicyclist Charged With DWI

Other stuff happened, too, just with fewer links. From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike they killed another one by running into her from behind. Cyclist killed in Manatee County crash Not much known as I post this, but it appears from the location that hit-from-behind protocols might be helpful in this wreck.

What is being investigated as a case of murder is a cyclist that was pursued and hit and then left for dead in the Bahamas. Cyclist mowed down and killed I like that they are investigating this as a murder, I don’t like that the cyclist was killed. As for how to avoid, hit-from-behind protocols might have helped, or at least made the driver have to make a second pass that would have established no doubts about the intention.

From Oz, what can you do about a drunk driver hitting a cyclist nearly head-on? Driver charged after cyclist struck Yep, hit a cyclist and them continue off the road to hit a fence, that’s major road rage and/or serious impairment, which resulted in the driver being held without bail.

Still in Oz, something caused a cyclist to hit a barrier hard, and because he wasn’t carrying ID or his ID was lost in the wreck they don’t know who he is. Mystery cyclist injured in crash at Salisbury East They know nothing about the wreck itself, and next to nothing about the victim, except he was middle-age in appearance and was riding a white “Giant” brand bike, which would be about the same thing as saying a driver was driving a “Chevrolet” car when he wrecked.

A child cyclist in the UK always wears a helmet, and now will also have a helmet camera to record the wreck. Safe cyclist Levi lands award Very nice for her, but totally ignores the actual causes of wrecks between bicycles and cars to focus on post-wreck protection.

Infrastructure! news from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. Bikers, drivers, pedestrians vie for space in NW 16th Ave. revisions And from the comments section you can see just exactly why it is so dangerous to be outside of a car when outside of a building in FL. Edit: Well if you could still read the comments section you would know why, but you can’t so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

More infrastructure from Enn Zed. Cyclist’s sad end to produce positive fruit for new riders Umm, why are they calling a bicycle route a bridle path?

Lifestyle from Sunday. Cyclists ride across Valley for blood donation awareness As someone that got 6 units of whole blood during the surgeries required to save my life and keep my leg, the Witch of WoaB strongly supports this cause. If you can, give blood!

And that’s all the (bike) news that gives me fits.

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