Getting tired, and the Feed

Yep, the old witch is starting to get tired of this gig and needs a break. I have been working on this blog provider since late November of 2008, and 2 other providers since June of 2006. In between I have read over 15000 reports of cyclists getting hit by/with motor vehicles and several hundred where they just fell down from various causes. It wears on a guy, all that death and injury, so I’m going to take a long weekend off. I might put up a post, I’ll probably put up posts for the next 3 days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) but they will be “postcards from my staycation” types of posts. No dead or injured cyclists, I’m not even going to open the folder for the Feed until Monday. After today I’m taking a vacation from Mayhem.

Up first, a cyclist has a run-in with a SF Muni bus. Cyclist Seriously Injured After Collision With 43 Masonic Muni Bus At the time I read this post it didn’t make a lot of sense, they were claiming the cyclist rear-ended the bus at an intersection. The possibility is the bus cut off the cyclist while pulling to the curb to pick up passengers, but that is pure speculation on my part. At this point I don’t have enough information to do anything except speculate, but there are still some things you can do to avoid the same situation, depending on what that situation actually was. If the cyclist really did just run into the back of the bus the way to avoid is just pay attention to the vehicle in front of you. If it was a swoop and squat to pick up passengers then awareness needs to be extended to where the bus stops are and if there are people standing at them, along with awareness of if there is a bus behind you.

Still in CA, a slain cyclist’s family has difficulty prodding the local prosecutor to actually prosecute someone for the crime. Frustration mounts for family of slain cyclist Yes there are many questions about this wreck, from the investigations to the prosecution. There was the delay in actually picking up the driver, failure to test for drugs or alcohol, and then the long delay in bringing charges. This case stinks of “it was just a cyclist killed”.

From a state that is even more the “most deadliest” state to walk or ride a bike in the US (up to 17% from their previous 16% of bicycle fatalities) they added another “notch in the gun” this week. Cyclist killed in Largo crash Both the driver and the cyclist were injured as the cyclist’s body appears to have gone partially through the windshield of the car to strike the driver. From the picture it looks like this was a downtown urban environment, and from previous wreck reports I know that it takes speed in excess of 60 MPH to put a body through a windshield like that with enough force to injure the driver, and I don’t see that as a legal speed to be travelling in that environment.

On the international news, that guy in Brazil is in jail “for protective custody” after an order by a judge. Man accused of speeding into pack of cyclist-activists is jailed in southern Brazil Under Brazilian law a suspect is only jailed if he is a flight risk or if there is a danger to himself or the community if he were allowed to be at large. I’m not sure who they are protecting in this case, the driver who has demonstrated serious dis-regard for the well-being of others, or the community that has to live with him. Back-channel reports are that he has a serious string of traffic offenses, including but not limited to speeding, driving on the sidewalk, and driving on the sidewalk while going the wrong way on a one-way street. Just taking a wild stab at this one I think the custody is to protect the community. Faux News gets it wrong in a minor way. Car plows through bike race in Brazil CM is not a race.

Speaking of people getting it wrong… Kevin Hoover – Arcata’s Bicyclists Must Step Up To Safety – March 1, 2011 The only wreck he actually documents as opposed to just mentioning in passing, is a 2009 one where the cyclist took off his jersey and draped it over his handlebars and it got caught in the wheel causing a fatal face-plant. No mention of the numerous drunk-driving arrests in the interim, that are known to cause death and injury. No mention of the numerous red-light runners in motor vehicles, or any of the other infractions that are known to cause death and destruction to people in and out of cars. No, all he’s concerned about is that cyclists break imaginary laws and ride in the streets in front of him.

Back in FL, an article on Ghost Bikes. Ghost bikes tell tales

A good group for riding in the Memphis TN area. Hernando Bicycle Club focuses on safety, fun

And that’s all I have for today. If I don’t make a post Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, I’ll see you Monday with a post about wrecks and lifestyle again, I promise…

Billed @$0.02, Opus


5 responses to “Getting tired, and the Feed

  1. Kevin Hoover


    The Arcata Eye has documented all the bike accidents that we know of, vehicle-related and otherwise.

    Yes, the cars drive suckily, and we never fail to point that out in the news and Police Log, including in the column you mention. The point, though, was that the bike advocacy groups – and you, apparently – use cars as the bogey man while willfully ignoring the excesses of the bicycle community. The bike advocates give every indication of wanting all the goodies and little to none of the responsibility.

    This kind of post only affirms what I was alluding to – the simpleton Bikes Can Do No Wrong mentality that feeds the alienation and hostility between the two user groups.

    As a bicyclist, I support the bike groups’ advocacy. I just think that for everyone’s good, they should use their influence to try and civilize the more feral bike abusers.



    • Opus the Poet

      I never said that people riding bicycles can do no wrong. the difference is when someone on a bike screws up, they’re the ones that get hurt, but when a someone driving a motor vehicle screws up around a bicycle, the person on the bike is the only one that suffers physically. The driver may suffer some remorse, but nothing like what the cyclist suffers.


  2. Kevin Hoover

    And what’s this about “imaginary” laws? Again, that exemplifies the arrogant-biker attitude that the law doesn’t apply to them.


  3. Kevin Hoover

    I didn’t say that you stated explicitly that “bikes can do no wrong.” I said that your post exemplifies this mentality, as does the reply.

    And you’re glossing over another point I made in the column. When a vehicle driver collides with a bicyclist who has run a stop sign, there can be emotional consequences for the driver, as was witnessed in the 11th street incident.

    The point is that bicyclists, like vehicle drivers, are traffic. All need to observe the traffic laws and simple courtesy. The bike advocacy groups that don’t use their position to assist with this are not doing a complete job of serving their constituents.


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