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I’m back with the Feed

Now that I have had some time writing away from the Feed, and spent time away from my usual haunts, I’m ready to get back into the gore and callous attitudes that are riding a bicycle in the streets. I hope everyone enjoyed the latest page in The Gigi Story, there will be more of that coming. Also I’m looking for a better title, one because “The Gigi Story” has already been used about a sex worker, and two because it doesn’t accurately describe the tale. I’ll work on that later, but I’m open to suggestions in the meantime.

Up first from the new and improved most deadliest place to ride a bike in the US (now 6% more deadly) illustration of the magnitude of the problem. Bicycles, U.S. 19 a recipe for disaster The writer starts out describing an infrastructure nightmare, 6 lanes of high-speed traffic through a mixed development area, and then describes an encounter with a drunk homeless man with a bicycle. The rest of the article is anecdotes of drunk cyclists, like that is a major mode of wreck in FL.

Well it was the mode in this wreck that has now turned fatal. Cyclist dies two days after being hit by van in St. Petersburg I don’t know the exact mode of this wreck, if the cyclist crossed the centerline of the street or got hit from behind, but from the description of the rest of the wreck there wasn’t anybody driving properly as the killer vehicle was hit from behind by a third vehicle during the encounter. It could be described as a SWSS.

On the other side of the country, a CA cyclist is killed by a hit-and-run driver. Bicyclist killed by hit-and-run driver on PCH in Ventura If the comments are to be believed the cyclist hadn’t even started riding, and was either walking his bike to someplace he could cross the road and ride legally or he was just standing beside the road not on the travel portion of the highway preparing to ride when he was hit by a drunk driver… Not accepting the drunk driver story as gospel, but it does seem plausible. As for avoiding, to avoid a wreck you have to actually be on the road and riding, this guy did not satisfy either of those requirements.

Finally, lawyer blatherings about cyclists and peds getting hit because they’re talking on their cell phones. Distractions Are Dangerous for Everyone on the Road I think we all know what the real danger is on the roads, but it doesn’t help to walk or ride distracted when there are so many idiots on the roads that either have no idea that you’re there or actively despise your existence on “their” roads and streets. If you have to talk on your cell phone, get off the road/street to do so. This applies no matter what mode of transport you embrace: walking, riding a bicycle, or deity forbid driving a multi-ton WMD.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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