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Wishing I was working on other things, the Feed

Yes, ideas about things other than killed or injured cyclists are buzzing through the grey matter today, making it very hard to concentrate on filtering the Feed. But I have Work to do and until that is done designing cute little single-seat cars that get 200 MPG highway will have to take a back-burner. mainly because that car wouldn’t be street-legal in the US.

Up first is a local to me story about the jogger killed on the Katy Trail last year. Details emerge about jogger’s death on Dallas’ Katy Trail I don’t know how many will be able to read this report, but for those that can it includes more information about what happened. The cyclist speed would not have been enough to get a citation under the proposed speed limits for the trail (15 MPH proposed, cyclist actual speed 17 MPH upper estimate).

Next is a 13 YO running a stop sign in Lancaster PA. Car collides with bike in Lancaster, teen cyclist injured I looked at the site on Google Maps, and unfortunately there isn’t a street view available, and the satellite view isn’t conclusive about how many stop signs there were at the intersection, but from what I could see there is a very good chance that on-street parking would have blocked the view of oncoming traffic from the stop sign until after the bicycle was in the lane of travel. In other words this street would have resulted in a wreck no matter what the person in the cyclist’s position on the road was driving. To avoid, in this case you would have to use all your senses to tell that this car was coming, and be ready to back up if the way wasn’t clear. To really avoid, this would require LEO to tow vehicles that obstructed visibility for road users stopped at the stop sign. Still, the kid should have watched where he was going a bit better.

In NM a doctor is killed while riding in his lane, apparently waiting to make a left turn back to his car. Doctor’s death moves colleagues, patients, cyclists I don’t understand why LEO refuse to enforce the Basic Speed Law in incidents like this. Let’s assume that the doctor was driving a car and making a left turn when he was hit from behind and killed. Same situation, different vehicle. Would the reaction from LEO be the same? Would the comments with the article be the same? Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols, except that if he was waiting to make a left turn he would have been unable to use an escape route.

Another report on the hit-and-run death of a senior cyclist in San Diego CA. SENIOR CYCLIST DEAD FROM COLLISION WITH VAN Nothing mentioned of the fact that he was hit from behind, nor of the decrepit state of the van, or that the van was being driven on the sidewalk when it hit the cyclist in the street. The pictures from the article I linked to earlier in the week tell so much more about the wreck.

Moving to Enn Zed we have two reports of a young cyclist killed by a motor vehicle. Napier boy cyclist dies despite first aid and Boy cyclist killed in Napier crash This was truly tragic as the lad was hit at a school crossing, there were trained medical personnel at the site as the wreck happened, and still the boy died. I blame the driver for hitting the boy in an area that was marked as a place where children would be on the road and still he (?) managed to hit one of them. The (?) is there because neither article ever mentioned the existence of the driver or the vehicle that hit him, it’s as if he was struck down by Jeebus or sumthin’.

Now we have Infrastructure! articles and Ghost Bikes. First of those is a woman expending entirely too much energy trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist except in her mind. NYC Widow Pushes ‘Pedal Pledge’ To Keep Pedestrians Safe Really, more people were killed by drivers driving on the sidewalk than were killed by bicycles in the entire city. Of course when that one person killed is your spouse then perspective is sometimes a little hard to attain.

Pundits in SC ask if enough is being done to make roads there safe for cyclists. How safe are South Carolina roads for bicyclists? I’ll give you a hint: Start making getting a license much harder, start making losing a license much easier. Raise the cost of licenses and vehicle registrations, and itemize it so that there is a huge chunk labelled “Hit-and-run victims fund”, another big chunk with the tag “Air pollution victims fund” and so forth. Those are external costs that are currently being picked up by the victims.

A Ghost Bike in NYC. Fuen Bai Ghost Bike Now at Ludlow and Delancey It’s been so long since she died I had forgotten this one… How many hundreds have died that I have forgotten because hundreds more took their place? how many more will I forget because legions have passed since they did?

And that’s all the news that gave me fits today.

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