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A UK-heavy Feed

It looks like this will be a rather small post as almost all the links in the Feed today were from UK media outlets. I have stated in numerous posts my dislike of UK media laws that prevent this blog from doing the work it was intended to do by redacting details of direction and lane placement from their wreck reports. Most of the time the best I can tell you from a UK media wreck report is if the wreck was in an intersection to use the UK version of the intersection wreck protocols. That is normally not much help, some, but not a lot. That’s why I don’t include many UK wrecks in this blog anymore. They’re not worth the bandwidth. But today if I don’t use my UK reports, I have no blog post. But I still got a lot of stuff from Oz in the late report.

And our first UK report is a request for information about a cyclist hit from behind while at a yield. Police Appeal After Teenage Cyclist Injured Umm, yeah. As a cyclist there was nothing this person could have done to prevent this wreck. The yutz in the car hit him from behind while he was obeying a traffic control and yielding right of way. But at the very least this was a UK report that let me tell you how to avoid the wreck, even though there was no legal way to avoid this wreck.

From Oz comes a call to get cyclists off the sidewalks, and for a very restrictive speed limit on separated bike paths. Pedestrians call for cycle ban Crazy. For the metric-impaired the 10 km/hr speed limit converts to 6.2 MPH, the 15 kph is 9.3 MPH and the 20kph is 12.4 MPH. On a bike path, reserved for bicycle use that sometimes has pedestrians walking on it, a 12.4 MPH speed limit. I wonder what the speed limit is for motor vehicles around young children (school zone)?

Still in Oz a partial report that was posted as LEO were still on the scene assessing the wreck (not an accident). Cyclist killed in Shanes Park collision In breaking stories like this I can’t help with the details because the details haven’t been found yet.

They take hitting a cyclist @50MPH very seriously in Oz. No jail time for Lockhart driver who killed cyclist Yep, another killer driver that skates with probation and only temporarily losing his right to drive a deadly weapon which he as demonstrated the inability to control so as to prevent death and injury after hitting 2 cyclists.

A driver was drunk and talking on his cell phone when he hit a cyclist. Phones warning to drivers Seriously, I don’t know what to say about the judge in this case, who apparently will impose the weakest sentence he is allowed by law because the driver knew he was nailed when they found he was on a call (against the law) while driving drunk (against the law) and killing a cyclist in the process (not against the law).

More details on that Enn Zed wreck that killed a 12 YO cyclist at a school crossing. Police name Napier boy killed on road From what has been released so far it appears this wreck was hitting the cyclist from behind as he either slowed or stopped for the school crossing. Like the UK report from the top of the blog there was no legal action the cyclist could have done to prevent this wreck.

A Dutch driver will be walking or riding a bicycle until 2028 if the judge agrees with the recommendations of the prosecution in a drunk-driving case. Drunk driver faces seven years for killing cyclist Again for the metric-impaired 120kph is roughly 75 MPH or a speed that has survival rates measured in the survivors per million wrecks so that there aren’t as many fractions involved when cyclists or pedestrians are hit. This is also a speed where the driver of a vehicle can be killed by the body of his victim coming through the windshield of the car. That would make for a cool “MythBusters” segment.

Finally, an online memorial article about the cyclist killed by a drunk driver in SoCal last month. Cyclist Killed in Crash Was ‘a Kind Soul’ I can’t say anything more that would add to this report…

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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