Daily Archives: March 12, 2011

Another huge Feed that filtered down to almost nothing

Well after reading more than a dozen links to stories that were about people riding motorcycles that had wrecks, I filtered down the Feed to just 2 links.

Our only wreck and only report from North America is a 13 YO hitting a vehicle from behind in CA. Antioch boy flown to hospital after bike accident Um, this was 100% the fault of the kid riding the bicycle. I know of no possible scenario where running into a stationary vehicle from behind is not the fault of the following vehicle, even when the following vehicle is a bicycle, except for vehicles stopped in the bike lane and even that is questionable.

Our other link is infrastructure from Europe. Family of Eilidh Cairns force cycling safety review The headline is a little misleading, this regulation would actually be for what they call HGV what we call semi-trucks, to be safer around people not in cars. Cyclists are most likely to get hit by HGV making turns, but a few pedestrians standing on corners have been nailed by turning HGV coming up on the sidewalks.

And that’s all the links I have for today. I have a rant programmed for tomorrow, no wrecks, and regular programming resumes on Monday.

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