Very quiet Sunday Feed

I had a nice weekend except for one incident on the road Sunday evening which I will not relate. The Feed for today was mostly void of new wrecks, just infrastructure and jurisprudence reports and several motorcycle wrecks. I suggest turning off Flash if your browser allows that option as some of the sites linked to today have a plethora of Flash ads embedded in the pages.

Getting to our one new wreck first, a cyclist is right-hooked while passing a line of stalled traffic in OH. Cyclist killed in Beavercreek To avoid keep a sharp lookout when passing traffic to their right, because drivers will not be looking for you.

Moving out west we have an arraignment for a driver that was drunk and texting when she hit a cyclist from behind. Driver in Crash that Killed Cyclist Set To Be Arraigned The driver was showing a BAC% of .10 2 hours after the wreck, which indicates a much higher BAC% at the time of the wreck, plus she was texting. Either of those acts alone would be enough to get a person other than herself killed, combined the practically guaranteed it. I discussed this wreck last month but for a refersher, hit-from-behind protocol with the emphasis on being willing to bail from the bike because of the curb that trapped the cyclist between a rock and a hard place. The “11 years” quoted in the article is the maximum sentence possible not what she deserves for her actions. She actually deserves much more than that but the law doesn’t recognize that.

Still in CA (and indeed still at the same media outlet) we get the report on the sentencing of a cyclist murderer. Woman Gets 3 Years for Fatal Crash with Cyclist Yep, only 3 years with a minimum of 85% to be served for getting stoned and driving over the tail-end charlie of a group ride. Murder most foul, but treated like a minor indiscretion.

Moving to the UK a bike path is booby trapped and a cyclist is injured as a result. Cyclist hurt by dangerous path wire prank As one comment put it this was no prank but a deliberate attempt at injury or death. Here’s hoping the culprits are found and dealt with ASAP.

Infrastructure! news from Jolly Olde has a tidy sum of cash being spent to route cyclists away from cars. Route news: South Tyneside route gets £250,000 funding + Hereford Greenway route consultation opens The funny part is that sum won’t even pave a mile of US interstate highway, but it will complete several miles of separated infrastructure on one project and jump-start planning on another project.

Infrastructure! news of a different sort in the US. Cycling group reaching out to motorists to peacefully share the road I spent a fairly long stretch of time down there when I was stationed in Ft. Gordon, and I don’t see this method working without some serious law-enforcement muscle behind it AKA Share the Road or Share a Cell with Bubba the Butt-rapist.

More articles on the installation of Ghost Bikes in NYC. Pause for a moment of cyclists and Advocacy Group Honors Cyclists and Pedestrians Killed in Traffic Still waiting for the day when there is no longer a need to place Ghost Bikes because there are no more cyclists killed in the streets.

And finally if you’re in the 300 or so people that bought one of these bikes you will want to get it taken care of under this recall because the defect is serious and potentially deadly. Rocky Mountain Bicycles recalled Losing the steer tube out of the fork is a really baaaad thing to happen.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

Billed @$ 0.02, Opus

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