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What ARE people thinking? and the Feed

I have some scary “stuff” in the Feed today, which prompted the headline. To be honest I don’t think most people are thinking, at least with the head on their shoulders. If they were, most of the reports in today’s Feed wouldn’t be there.

Up first is a report from Oz on a driver that ran over a cyclist laying in the street after he was hit by another car. Man fined for expired licence after alleged hit-run fatal This is just ludicrous. The only thing they could charge him with was driving without a license? They couldn’t charge him with leaving the scene because they couldn’t prove the cyclist was alive at the time this driver ran him over. TANJ!

In Jolly Olde a driver that killed a cyclist is given an exceptionally harsh sentence, for killing a cyclist that is. Lorry driver sentenced for causing death of cyclist Yes 2 1/2 weeks of community service, and a brief ban on driving is all he got. Not even a simple fine for killing a human being with a WMD.

Say what you will about riding in the US, at least we don’t have to dodge bullets. Scary shots kill cyclist I believe this was in Pakistan, where taxis have been stolen/hijacked or their drivers forced at gunpoint by suicide bombers to carry explosives into Army checkpoints to clear the way for terrorist movements.

Moving back to the US for a look at the aggregate statistics for Indiana. Drivers, bicyclists share dangers Yep in 12 months the entire state of Indiana killed as many people on bicycles as one FL county in 2008, 14.

Still dealing with aggregate deaths, 2 more Ghost Bikes were installed in NYC. Two New Ghost Bikes for Fallen Brooklyn Cyclists I especially like the bike that was a tribute to deaths not reported in the media.

Infrastructure! news from GA. Bill named for dead cyclist fails to pass I hope that none of their family members gets killed because they failed to pass this law.

And speaking of the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike (now 6% more deadly). Groups Work to Make Bike Safety Laws Tougher I have a simple suggestion: Hit a Vulnerable Road User, lose your car. If it can be conclusively proven that the wreck was not your fault after a court hearing, you get your car back. Otherwise, you lose it permanently. Much more effective than a simple ticket, it also removes a weapon from someone who has a demonstrated inability to use it in a safe manner, without imposing a criminal sanction against the “poor driver” who has to “live with” killing a human being that wasn’t driving a car.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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