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Still uncomfortable after a long day running around town, the Feed

Yes I still have sore knees and a sore butt from all that riding around in the wind yesterday. I managed to only lose about 0.5 MPH in average speed but my knees are feeling the effort I put out yesterday. But on the good side I burned about 1100 Calories yesterday just on the roads, not counting what aerobic activity did for my metabolism the rest of the day.

Up first is a report that can’t make up its mind. 15-year-old bike rider seriously injured in Genoa Township accident One paragraph says the cyclist was riding salmon, another says he might have been stopped to pick up some item(s) that had fallen from him or the bicycle. If he was riding salmon then avoiding this wreck would be simple, don’t ride against the flow of traffic, ride on the same side of the road as you would drive in a car. If he was stopped to pick up something then this becomes a lot more tricky to avoid. Did the cyclist just wander out in the road without looking? Was he there for several seconds trying to get the object(s) from the road? If he was there for an extended period of time (more than a few seconds) then the driver that hit him was at fault for violating the basic speed law and driving faster than he could stop in the available distance. But, until LEO decide what the kid was doing, riding salmon or picking up something from the road, I can’t tell you for certain how to avoid this wreck should you find yourself in a similar situation.

Moving to the 50th state, and the place I want to retire to, we have a left-crossed cyclist. Bicyclist in critical condition following collision Having a headlight at 8:30 PM might have helped prevent this wreck, having a helmet would have not done anything except prevent some road rash. Intersection wreck protocols to mitigate the damages as I don’t think this was a preventable wreck even if the cyclist had a headlight. The driver would have to have a clue, first. Well headlight first, clue second.

Aggravating to find that a common cause of dead and injured cyclists isn’t even counted in IL. Bikers call for state to count ‘dooring’ accidents It isn’t known how many cyclists are killed or injured by drivers and passengers opening motor vehicle doors in front of them because deliberately nobody counts the infractions. And you can’t fix the problem if you don’t know how big a problem it is.

OH drivers need to learn the laws about cycling, and so do some cyclists. Motorists, cyclists need to learn how to share pavement Please don’t read the comments section unless you like getting steamed. When I posted this there were over 130 comments mostly against cyclists being on the roads, with a few stating the obvious that one of the main reasons riding a bicycle was as dangerous as it is was the kind of people making the comments…

Speaking of dangerous, a CA city has installed traffic calming devices that make bicycles doing the speed limit crash out of control. Speed humps in Palos Verdes Estates worry cyclists A cyclist riding the speed limit was surprised by one of these devices being placed on his regular ride and had a serious crash with brain injury (yes he was wearing a helmet) after hitting one of these devices. Clearly they were designed without considering the needs of cyclists or hitting one at 25 MPH would not cause a serious wreck.

A person in VA indicates they know of few bicycle wrecks (even though the person refers to them as “accidents”) so bike safety must not be a problem. LETTER: Few bad bike accidents Lawn darts were recalled and outlawed even though there were just a few incidents of injury and no fatalities out of millions of sets sold, and I never met anyone that had ever been injured by an errant lawn dart, so since this person doesn’t know anyone killed or injured while riding a bike there’s no problem, right? If any other consumer product killed people at the same rate as motor vehicles that product would be banned and all existing examples confiscated immediately, so why are we so blase’ about motor vehicle deaths?

Finally for when your legs get tired or non-functional, there is an alternative that doesn’t involve a car or a motor. Bikes That Deserve a Hand I have built a handcycle for a friend, but I never rode one for any distance other than to assure functionality of the one I built. They look like fun if you need more upper body strength and endurance. As I have a problem getting my shoulders through doors as it is I don’t think I really want to ride a hand bike until I need to ride a hand bike.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits this fine Monday.

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