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Making a second stab at this, and the Feed

I got an emergency security update to FF via my OS provider to patch a hole in FF’s security, which required closing all my browser windows right after I finished filtering the Feed. Fortunately I was able to mark the stuff I picked in the Feed folder in my e-mail (Yay! filters) and get everything back up and running very quickly after I rebooted. Which is Good, because there was some interesting things in the Feed this morning.

Up first is an update on the OR hit-and-run that put an elderly man in the hospital. Family of injured Molalla cyclist urges hit-and-run driver to turn self in Well, from looking at the crime scene pictures I would never have taken that bike for a Townie, that’s how bad the wreck was. The location was straight and fairly flat with nothing to impair the driver’s sight lines. Either the driver was impaired or distracted, or the driver hit the man on purpose. If the driver was distracted he or she would have come forward by now, which leaves drunk or on purpose. In my book there isn’t much difference between the two, unless someone spiked your orange juice. But given the time of day drunk driving is unlikely, not impossible but unlikely, so the most probable situation is the driver did it on purpose. There is a special circle in Hell for drivers that intentionally hit cyclists, where demons slice bits off the bodies of the Damned, rub salt on the wounds, and then stick the parts back on to be sliced off again.

They are finally getting to the trial for that guy that ran a cyclist down from behind back in 2009 in OH. Defense blames cyclist for his death and Trial Starts In Crash That Killed Cyclist Notice that the first thing the defense offered was a lie, about the bicycle and the clothing the cyclist was wearing when he was hit. I looked up some of the reports from earlier in the story and the cyclist was wearing a reflective vest and had something like the Planet Bike 1W blinky on the back of his bike (probably not the same light, but something similar), unlike the defense statement the cyclist had no lights or reflectors and was wearing a dark jacket. I wonder if the defense’s further statements will be as accurate with the facts? This new report just came in as I was proofreading the post. Spiegel: Friend not drunk when truck struck cyclist

In SC a bike ninja gets hit by a cop on a response to a call. Cyclist killed on Hwy. 51 Lights and reflectors at night people. Regular clothes will not cut it when riding at night, until a strict liability law is enacted and even then if you don’t have lights at night you’ll be at fault. Even if you do wear a reflective vest the driver’s lawyer will lie about if you had it on (see previous paragraph).

From Jolly Olde, another HGV has killed another cyclist in nearly the same spot. Cyclist killed in Tanner Street collision and Cyclist and pedestrian killed by lorries in crashes on London’s roads also Black day for cycling in London If you look at the crime scene you can see that the bicycle was nearly undamaged, but the cyclist’s clothing at the scene was ripped to shreds by the railing he was squeezed against by the truck. There were 3 similar wrecks recently in the same area, 2 in the same spot less than a year ago. This has to be one of the most deadly 100 yards in London for cyclists… To avoid, well this would be a really good place to take the lane so you don’t get squeezed into that cheese-grater railing, unfortunately other roads users won’t allow it as has been demonstrated from earlier wrecks.

Moving on to Infrastructure! articles, bike valet parking has become very popular in CA. Yay! Bike valet at Clovis events Bike valet helps with the problems of bikes getting locked to anything that doesn’t move, and the resulting lack of security about bikes getting stolen.

And a new bike store is opening in an underserved portion of CA. Now open: Skid and Destroy Yeah, I’m not one of the kind of people that would use such a bike shop (except for front hubs, BMX hubs are beyond bulletproof and are perfect for use on an urban commuter).

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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