On yeasts, politicians, and other things we can’t live without but wished we could

I got a bad batch of yeast that I have to work through before I can get a new batch. I have tried using the amount I normally use when baking bread, the amount recommended on the label, and twice the amount on the label, and I still get bread that rises in a very lack-luster manner. Previous batches have risen very nicely, even a little exuberantly, but this batch of yeast has been positively “meh”.

I have been dealing with a local politician to get some bike facilities built in Garland, the biggest thing would be some secure bike parking. We both agree that the current code situation is excessive for car parking, I mean the local stores still have parking spots open when the stores are absolutely packed for Black Friday. I’m trying to get the codes amended to allow bike parking to replace car parking in any amount, because you can park 16 bikes in the space required for one car, and most businesses don’t really need all that parking IRL. There is a big plan to build a “bicycle highway” from Mesquite to Richardson, but most of the route is in a flood plain. I ask you, how many “highways” do you know that are the sole route for cars that are built in a flood plain? Are we supposed to not go to Mesquite or Richardson when it rains?

I did a service this morning on harnessing chaos in our lives now that Spring is here so that we can get things done, that was supposed to use children acting like clowns to get rid of the chaos we don’t need. Unfortunately the children were not all that interested in acting like clowns… so they didn’t. There was no way to convince the kids to act like clowns so I had to call an audible on the service, to borrow a football term for changing plans of the fly. Instead we had the adults acting a bit like kids, playing with a ball in the sanctuary.

I have to get ready for evening services, so I’ll see y’all tomorrow with the Feed for today and tomorrow.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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