After my rough weekend, you get the Feed

Yeah, well it was entirely self-inflicted. Nobody twisted my arm or anything like that, I just had a lot of “stuff” show up on my plate all on the same weekend. I ended up making 5 loaves of bread from 4 different recipes which all required a 2 hour initial rise period before I could start the next batch, which ended up taking pretty much all of my day on Saturday, along with selling bread that I had already made. I mentioned yesterday the problems I have been having with my yeast while making the bread. Then on Sunday I had 2 services on dealing with Chaos as a force of nature, which didn’t let me get home for dinner until almost 9 PM (2100). The only good thing about yesterday is that I had some howling tailwinds pushing me to church that managed to die off nicely on the way home, unlike Saturday when I had headwinds, very strong headwinds at that, both ways on my ride as there was a FROPA during the day while I was at church. That’s always fun to be on your feet all day and just be bone tired, and the wind has changed so what would have been a nice tailwind to push you home is now a roaring whistling headwind.

Up first is an update on the cyclist killed in NYC when he fell off his bike in front of a bus. MTA Finds Bus, Driver Involved In Fatal Crash With Cyclist and Bus That Hit and Killed Cyclist Is Located New information has come out since the story broke on Friday. The cyclist was knocked from his bike by slick/uneven metal plates used to cover holes in the street and fell in front of a bus that was moving to the right to avoid another vehicle that had encroached in his lane and the cyclist got run over because motor vehicle operators refused to slow to a safe speed while going through a construction zone. I don’t know how well this construction zone is marked, there could be very little warning before reaching the zone to alert drivers they need to slow down. Also the direction of travel for the cyclist is now known, he was riding with the flow of traffic in the same direction as the bus that killed him, not running a red light as had been previously questioned before direction of travel was known.

What sounds like another SWSS from the initial description given from this article, in the most deadliest place to walk or ride a bike in the US. Police: Cyclist struck by car seriously injured Yep, drivers in FL can’t be trusted to keep their cars under control and not hit anyone, so you shouldn’t ride a bicycle in front of a car, you should get out of the roads and push your bike through intersections.[/sarcasm] Hit-from-behind protocols for the cyclist and a clue-by-four between the eyes for the driver, and possibly the LEO in this case.

Lifestyle from NY state, a race series honors a LEO killed in the line of duty. Cyclists from all over northeast compete in Coxsackie race Still one more race left in the series to watch.

Infrastructure! news from the Emerald Isle. RSA launches cycle safety campaign It is important to dress like a clown when walking or riding a bicycle because motor vehicle operators lose 20 IQ points whenever they get behind the wheel.[/sarcasm] Twice in the article they stress wearing high-visibility clothing, and only once did they stress watching where the hell you’re guiding multiple tons of deadly machinery.

And that’s all I have for you today, fortunately.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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