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Good news from the Lab Rat Keeper, and the Feed

First, this post is late because I had to visit the Lab Rat Keeper again, but I had good news. The new med is actually keeping my BP well within normal limits, subject to normal fluctuations due to emotional stress that go away when the stress goes away. Now all I have to do is just remain calm, Zen out with my mantra, and become one with everything, and everything will be all right… 😉

Up first is another report on the cyclist killed by a dump truck driver outside San Antonio. Cyclist killed in Schertz identified I’m still trying to figure out why a driver that stormed out of a driveway at excessive speed and killed a human being has not been charged with anything yet. I’m sure had he hit a small car or even a pedestrian crossing the driveway at the shoulder of the road there would have been charges, why nothing in the death of a cyclist?

LEO in Corpus Christi are doing something about a guy killed while riding a bicycle. Police Closer to Finding Hit-and-Run Driver It doesn’t matter the cyclist was homeless, a crime was committed and culprits will be brought to justice.

More on the OH trial of a drunk driver that killed a cyclist. Arresting Officer Takes Stand in Deadly DUI Trial Just a minor quibble with the previous link, the driver blew a 0.109, not a 1.9 Defense attorney challenges sobriety tests in trial over bicyclist’s death The defense in this case is grasping at straws, the BAC was well over the limit, by 0.029, or more than a third. the cyclist was both well-lit and reflectored, plus it was almost full daylight, and the only witness on his side was as blitzed as he was. I suggest throwing himself at the mercy of the court, after all it was only a guy riding a bike that was killed, if it had been someone important they would have been driving a car… 😛

Moving to Jolly Olde, they are taking the death of a cyclist killed in a collision with a police car very seriously, including moving the investigation to the UK equivalent of Internal Affairs. Probe launched after city cyclist is killed in crash with police car Since this is a UK report the level of information is just stunning. stunningly useless for this blog trying to keep you alive and in one piece. But the investigation is ongoing, and it is not unknown for cops to get charged for driving offenses in the UK, even while on duty.

Still in the UK we finally find out the details of the wreck that killed a budding fashion designer back in 2009. Cyclist killed by bus ‘was dragged under wheels like cardboard box’ So, it appears the bus driver just drove straight over the cyclist that was in front of her at the stop light, crushing and mangling the cyclist’s body in the process. This one would be hard to avoid as a cyclist because the cyclist did exactly what the law required of her, she went to the stop box at the head of the line so that she would be visible to the lead driver and waited for the light to change. Then when the light changed the bus driver just pulled up and over the cyclist. Apparently the bus driver thought watching out for objects (like people) in front of a bus was optional.

And a driver in Israel admits to driving stoned when he hit-and-run assaulted a cyclist Man charged in hit-and-run admits to having driven under influence of hashish It is unfortunate that the cyclist was the son of a former Supreme Court (of Israel) Justice, unfortunate for the accused driver. The LEO community there is like a family, and family of family is still family. I would say this guy is also boned, and about to be filleted.

Moving on to Infrastructure! an explanation of why we need Safe Routes To School. Program helps children battle obesity Notice that they have a very expensive program to help kids reduce their weight, when those kids have to be driven practically across the street every time they leave the house, because the streets are not perceived to be safe to travel for children. It’s not that kids are eating too much, it’s they’re not getting enough activity every day. Having safe places to walk or ride a bike for transportation would fix that. I didn’t start graining weight until I moved out to the country and could no longer walk or ride my bike to where I needed to go. I also had a severe case of anemia which made what little opportunity I had to exercise physically painful for several months.

San Jose CA has an interesting infrastructure problem. San Jose council considers shorter dog leashes on park trails How is this a bicycle infrastructure issue? Well have you ever tried to navigate a trail with dogs running from one side to the other on what seems like mile-long leashes? You have the dog to dodge then you have the sometimes nearly invisible leash to not get tangled up in. Having shorter leashes is a big thumbs up in my book. Just a note one of the people quoted in the article states in the comments section that the “quotes” were fabricated.

In CO they are trying to fight childhood obesity. Fort Collins, Loveland receive money to make walking, biking safe for children You have to start small, and take baby steps, to get stuff like this past the bean counters and the Tea Baggers.

How to make a cycling city, a little bit at a time. A Cycling City Gets “Street Smart” It is unfortunate that one of the dynamos behind the scenes in this did not live to watch the fruits of his labors.

Infrastructure of the legal kind in CA. CHP continues pulling suspected DUI drivers off the road Yes, you can get DUI for riding a bicycle while drunk in CA. So don’t. Above and beyond getting arrested it’s just a really bad idea.

In the UK a possible tool to reduce the CARnage. City wants 20mph limit in bid to save cyclists’ lives Not the silver bullet, but impacts at 20 MPH and below have a 5% fatality rate with cyclists and pedestrians hit by motor vehicles, while just 10 MPH faster gets you 50% killed. That’s a huge reduction in mortality for a measly 10 MPH reduction in speed.

Finally an English-language paper that covers most of Asia and the western Pacific Rim reports on one country’s work in reducing cyclists’ fatalities. Are roads now safer for cyclists? I think the country they’re talking about is Singapore. Later parts of the article confirm that and also show that almost anywhere the English language has been established drivers hate cyclists. Is there something about being Anglophone and hating cyclists?

And finally that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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