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Still running around doing “stuff”, and the Feed

Yep, errands to run today, things to do and more parts to get for the headlight project. And the temperature was never above 50 F while I did it. I have had worse, this year even, but I had fur on my head then. Riding in the cold without the fur is not fun. The Feed was the dog’s breakfast thematically as there were so many wildly different kinds of stories today.

Up first by reason of number of links is another delivery cyclist hit in NYC. SUV Driver Sends Brooklyn Delivery Cyclist to the ER Biased in the other direction Cyclist Blows Red Light, Causes Crash and a completely different bias Atlantic Yards Causes Bike-SUV Collision The only thing I have to say is all 3 reports noted the lack of visibility at the intersection, and the cyclist’s side of the story hasn’t been heard. To avoid a similar wreck, watch for stale yellows and use intersection protocols.

Another LEO is hit while riding. Bicyclist injured after being struck by vehicle in Columbia This one was hit in PA, and the description is a typical right hook except that the cyclist appears from the report to have only road rash, not the typical result. The driver actually got a ticket in this wreck. I would have thought they would have given him a “trip” down the back stairs as well, but that doesn’t seem to have happened. Why can’t we get police brutality for someone that really deserves it? 😛

An amazing story from CA about a driver that actually got charged with murder for hitting a cyclist while driving drunk. Elderly cyclist killed in hit and run Actually there were several things about this that are amazing beyond the charges filed: Other drivers chased and captured the driver and held him until LEO arrived, The driver is being held without bail after a hit-and-run. If you have read my blog for any length of time you will know that for any of those things to happen in a bike wreck is uncommon, for all of those things to happen in a single story is unheard-of!

Link removed at request of copyright holder.

From far West Canuckistan comes a report of a different kind of bike wreck. Partially clad man gropes cyclist in Rutland I sometimes have that happen from passengers in cars, but I have never been groped by a half-naked human on foot. To avoid, ride fast.

Moving to Enn Zed a story on a road rider that went off-road, way off road… Cyclist badly injured in peninsula fall For the metric impaired, 6M is about 21 feet. That’s some wreck to not involve a car or other vehicle. To avoid a similar wreck ride slower than the guy that left the road.

In Jolly Olde cyclists are working to establish better legal infrastructure to prevent deaths from HGV, or BIG trucks. London Cycling Campaign calling for No More Lethal Lorries support Let’s see, on the one hand you have a huge truck that emits tons of pollution every year, tears up the roads, makes its operators overweight or obese, and kills people way in excess of its numbers on the roads. On the other hand you have a bicycle which does almost no damage to the roads, creates no pollution, makes the rider more healthy than without it, and so seldom kills another road user that most places don’t even bother keeping statistics of it. Which do you get rid of? Ponder, ponder, ponder… Hmmm…

Lifestyle of the cyclist and famous in IA. Siouxland cyclists gear up to share the road Good advice for IA cyclists in the article, which applies to cyclists in most other states, too.

And that’s all I can take for one day. I’m going to go read the funnies.

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