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Another late report before going off-line for a while, and the Feed

I have been doing things I get paid for (woo!) and getting ready to go to an off-site job where I will be without internet access for the next 4 days, so I won’t be able to update the blog for a while after tonight. On the plus side I wouldn’t be doing the off-site if I wasn’t making money from it, so yay me!

Up first is a report that the man that hit-and-run a cyclist in CA isn’t as crazy as he claimed he was and will have to stand trial. Saratoga man accused of hit-and-run found competent to stand trial This has gone on entirely too long, I just wish they would get around to sending this guy to prison as soon as possible. There is very little doubt about his guilt, why prolong the pain?

The most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike has killed another one. Bike Florida cyclist hit by car, killed in Newberry and Bike Florida cyclist killed by motorist Wednesday is event’s first recorded fatality The cyclist was riding lawfully on the shoulder of the road and was hit from behind by a driver picking up a dropped cell phone? Not to mention that there were supposedly a number of signs alerting drivers along the route that there was going to be a large number of cyclists on the roads and to be careful to not hit them.

A rather large minority of people killed in DC are killed by motor vehicles while walking or riding a bike. Campaign to protect pedestrians, cyclists as number of crashes in the District rises It doesn’t surprise me at all that the number of cyclists and pedestrians killed continued to rise while drivers and passengers are getting killed less, cyclists and pedestrians don’t have tons of steel and multiple airbags to protect them in a wreck, just bare flesh with a little cloth to keep it warm.

A driver in the UK is sent to jail for running a red light and crippling a cyclist. Aughton driver Bradley Potter sentenced to 12 weeks detention I still don’t understand the thinking behind only 12 weeks for permanently altering another person’s life for the worse, but I’m not the judge in this case.

Still in the UK the furor over a bill to greatly increase the penalties for a cyclist killing a pedestrian while so many driver skate for killing cyclists is still at a high boil in spite of the bill being mooted. Furious cyclists The number of cyclists killed where the drivers get almost no penalty to no penalty at all, compared to the jail terms for both the cyclists found guilty of hitting a pedestrian has seriously cheesed off cyclists over the calls for stricter penalties against cyclists…

A change in the law in OK. New laws affect cyclists and motorists Most of the changes are restrictions on drivers, with some liberalizations for cyclists, so win-win!

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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