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I’m back with $, and the Feed

The off-site went well with zero problems, and I have a few sheckles to spend on bike parts that need replacing. This makes me a little happy. Three days without internet access made me a bit grumpy, as the net is my major source of news and entertainment, and I was forced to watch broadcast TV. That is such a limited medium compared to the net…

Up first is a wreck that injured 2 cyclists riding in a quiet residential street in CA. Driver arrested after crash injures cyclists in Torrance First question, isn’t the drinking age 21 in CA? So why is a 19YO driver drunk? To avoid, I assume hit-from-behind protocols would help, the direction of impact was not specified in the article.

Still in CA are these updates on a wreck in Sacto. Sac State student killed in accident identified and Bike group’s free lights mark CSUS rider’s death Yes, lights when riding at night.

Here’s on I want more information about, but all I have is a blotter report. Watchdog$ Wake-Up: Cyclist killed, driver charged with DWI Ask and ye shall receive, while I was trying to copy the headline to post the link I found a link in the blotter report. Father killed, son injured in River Road bicycle accident Drunk driver swerving from ditch to ditch on both sides of the road, doing at least the speed limit if not a touch more, there was no way to avoid this wreck except putting a breathalyser interlock on the ignition of the drunk driver’s car. There is a major chance the driver will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Moving on to Oz, there has been an upturn in the number of bike wrecks in a certain demographic. Serious road injuries on the increase: study and More middle-aged men crashing bikes more often Obviously that demographic is much better represented in the riding population than it has been as aging Boomers work their way through the ages like the elephant in the python.

In Enn Zed a celebrity cyclist “wins” the door prize. NZ singer in major cycle crash This was a completely unavoidable wreck as the door was opened as the cyclist was passing.

Last link is a report on the Ride 2 Recover for Wounded Warriors arriving at the final destination for the TX ride, just down the road from WoaB World HQ and practically across the street from the off-site gig I was working. Injured Vets on Bicycles Arrive in Arlington Today

And that’s all the news that gives me fits.

Billed @$0.02, Opus