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Starting the day with a pain in the neck, and the Feed

Just to set my mood for the day I woke up with a massive crick in my neck. I am pretty sure this is a result of the lipoma on the side of my neck making me sleep in an odd position to keep from putting pressure on it and then on that small spot on my neck muscle under the lipoma. Or it could be the lipoma directly causing the discomfort by adhesion to the muscle. Either way it’s a pain in the neck, literally.

Up first is an update on the NC wreck of a drunk driver that hit 2 cyclists. Cyclist fights for life after crash that killed his father There is an unconfirmed comment on this article that says the younger cyclist died also. If that’s true then the second charge against the driver will be changed to murder to go along with the murder charge for killing the father. If not true then WoaB sends strong wishes that the young man fully recovers and asks you to do so also. Just in case it is true you can make those wishes for recovery or gentle Passage. Also send energy for the DA to prosecute the thing that was driving to the fullest extent of the law and that he gets the maximum sentence the law allows, and that conviction and sentence gets national publicity.

Moving out west to CA for another update, we find that the 19 YO driver who was drunk when she ran into a peloton head on had several drunk passengers and traffic tickets. Drunk driving suspect in Torrance crash with cyclists has prior citations She has only been driving less than 3 years, and has 3 major citations in that time? Not to mention that underage DUI in CA is a felony charge, and almost impossible to beat, as it has 3 components that are ridiculously easy to prove if true. Was the driver under 21, did the driver have any detectable amount of alcohol in he bloodstream, was the amount over .08% BAC? For minors any detectable amount of alcohol is DUI regardless of the amount of impairment, over .08% makes it serious. Here’s sending recovery wishes to the cyclist still in the hospital. Now that we know the direction of travel, I can say that for the cyclist this was not an avoidable wreck.

Still in CA, a cyclist is severely injured in a single-vehicle wreck. 60-year-old bicyclist injured after crash Look at all the loose gravel on the road in the pictures, that’s probably what took the cyclist down, that and the Ride To The Right law. To avoid a similar wreck stay out of loose gravel on the side of the road, every RTR law has a provision for moving to clean pavement to avoid a wreck just like this one.

In MA a cyclist had to walk home from the wreck to report a hit-and-run. Cyclist Injured in Alleged Hit-And-Run The driver hit the cyclist, breaking his arm, and then left the scene without stopping. What’s to “allege”? Hit-from-behind, use the appropriate protocols to keep this from happening to you.

In Jolly Olde a passenger getting off a bus walks right in to a cyclist. Injured pedestrian was hit by bike not bus Apparently there is a cyclist wandering around without a bike, possibly wondering where he left his bike, because it was originally thought the injured man found at the scene was the person riding the bike. Anyway to avoid move to the street side of a stopped bus, or just wait a few seconds behind it until loading and unloading is complete.

Staying in the UK for this bit of Infrastructure! news. Do cyclists in shared zones pose a threat to people with disabilities? Actually the answer is “Cyclists present no more danger to people with disabilities than people in powered wheelchairs.” BTW the comments on this article range from serious to hilarious, do give them a read.

From the NYTimes an opinion article on bike lanes. Bikes and the City: Are Lanes the Answer? The answer to “Are bike lanes the answer?” is “Yes, as many as possible!” Any time you remove cars from a street by installing bike lanes pedestrians are immediately made safer as a result, cyclists are made safer, and counter-intuitively motor vehicle occupants are made safer. Yes, the statistics show that putting more bikes on the street even in grade separated bike lanes.

Finally, lifestyle for the Phoenix area of AZ. To 4/30: ‘Valley Bike Month’ Yeah, all you Phoenix readers probably already know this, but just think of it as making the rest of us jealous…

And that’s all the news that gave me fits today.

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