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Doing the decapitated chicken thing again, and the Feed

Yes, I have been running around the house trying to get stuff done as I charge batteries in power tools, try to find a way to mark a grid with the vertical lines spaced 2.88mm apart for the headlight drilling pattern, try to keep the battery for the headlight in good electrical condition while I’m building the headlight, painting the housing for the headlight, polishing the internal reflectors for the headlight… And do the normal necessities of life like cooking and eating and hygene. Oh yes don’t forget filtering the Feed and composing a post to the blog!

Up first because it makes me so mad that if I had teeth I would be chewing nails and spitting BBs is a report on the trial of the drunk driver that hit and killed a cyclist in OH. Jury Deadlocked In Crash That Killed Cyclist I don’t even see how this could be possible, the driver blew a 0.109 an hour after the wreck and 2 hours after he supposedly had his last drink on a 0.08 limit, making him at least 29% over the limit at the time of the wreck. A witness in the car had him hitting something at the time of the wreck, and bits of the bicycle were found embedded in the car he was driving. There’s no question he did it and was drunk when he did it, so why is the jury deadlocked?

Hop-scotching to OR, they found the murder weapon that killed a cyclist, still looking for the killer. Van found in hit-and-run death of Oregon cyclist I don’t know what to say about this, the cyclist was on the shoulder of the road, completely out of the way of drivers. He wasn’t causing anyone any delay or issues, but he got hit from behind and left to die. I have seen pictures of the wreck site and there was literally no place the cyclist could go to avoid the wreck that he wasn’t there already. He was so far off the road that he was almost in the ditch before he was hit and knocked in the ditch. This was not an “accident”, this was a homicide. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

The MD cyclist who was right-hooked in the bike lane with the car left running on top on him has permanent brain damage and will not recover from his coma. Student not expected to recover; group pushes for tougher law against drivers who hit cyclists The most the driver will get from the law on this is a minor fine, but the civil suit may ding her for million$. The car left on top of the cyclist not only caused severe burns from the hot exhaust, but the weight prevented him from getting oxygen to his brain, which (mostly) died. Cyclists are pushing legislators to remedy the huge gap in the law that makes killing with a motor vehicle a minor traffic offense unless the killer left notes or other writings to the effect “I want to kill a cyclist on XX day”. Apparently unless a driver has left a record that makes it plain that they are hunting cyclists on that particular day, even when they have made statements that they want to kill cyclists, then they can kill cyclists with impunity. The bill would make killing with a motor vehicle a crime, filling the current gap in the laws that let drivers do everything except hunt down people to kill and get only a minor ticket.

In WI a driver that hit-and-run a cyclist gets a 5 year prison sentence plus 2 more years of supervision after that sentence is up. Mosinee man draws 5-year prison term for hit-run with Antigo bicyclist This is one of the things that makes me crazy. Not that this guy got 5 years for hit-and-run with a surviving victim, but that in one state you can kill and only get a small fine, but in another state you go to prison for 5 years without killing anyone. The thing is WI didn’t have this as law until recently, and prosecutors ignored most provisions in the law allowing prosecution until very recently. But at least now drivers that kill or injure with their vehicles are now subject to prosecution just as if they used a gun or a knife. The thing is that compared to a motor vehicle a gun is like a gun compared to a ballpoint pen for lethality. Sure you can kill someone with a ballpoint pen if you know what you’re doing and you work hard enough at it, but it isn’t really that lethal. The same condition exists between a gun and a motor vehicle, killing someone with a gun requires more skill and work than killing them with a motor vehicle. I have expounded upon this at length in other blog posts.

An AR cyclist rides off a sidewalk into traffic and is injured. Cyclist injured after accident First of all, don’t ride on the sidewalk, drivers can’t see you. Second don’t just ride out off the sidewalk between parked cars when you have to leave the sidewalk, pull between the cars and wait for traffic to clear before pulling out into the road. This could have been avoided had the cyclist been riding in the street, or if leaving from a store or something, waiting until traffic had cleared.

In AZ a cyclist sitting at a red light is hit by a car that either had bad brakes or the driver hit the wrong pedal. Multi-vehicle crash injures UA cyclist As far as the cyclist was concerned there was nothing that could have been done to prevent the bicycle part of the wreck. As for the car, well from the pictures if it didn’t have defective brakes before the wreck it sure as heck does now with the right front suspension broken and the wheel torn off.

From Oz, a man that set traps to kill cyclists on a mountain bike trail has been given a probationary sentence. Mantrap teacher avoids jail Gee, I wish I could set deadly traps for people I don’t like and then just get a tap on the wrist and told not to do that again.

In South Africa relatives of a cyclist killed by a hit-and-run driver are stunned when the driver is released with all charges dismissed. Accused walks after cyclist death Another case where non-motorists are seen as second class citizens undeserving of the protections of the law in an Anglophone nation.

Infrastructure! news begins with a report from the place where a drunk driver killed 2 cyclists in NC. Editorial – No matter how safe we try to make a road, drunken drivers still will take lives In spite of infrastructure provisions for cyclists on the route, drunk and distracted drivers still manage to kill cyclists. What can be done to prevent this?

Indiana wonders how to make the roads safer for cyclists. OUR VIEW: Bicycles, vehicles must learn to share the road How about an education course that teaches people that bicycles ARE vehicles, combined with laws that take motor vehicles from drunks and people that hit pedestrians and/or cyclists? I’m certain that watching a few cars or trucks getting crushed on the evening news (and You Tube) will go a lot farther to protect cyclists and pedestrians from errant drivers than anything else ever could, especially if the drivers that killed pedestrians or cyclists were still in the vehicles as they were crushed.

In MS after a wreck involving the father of a reader of this blog, local government tries to improve cyclist safety without actually doing anything that might involve effort or cost money. Supervisors okay and endorse cycling safety signs Golly gee, signs on the side of the road! What an effort to make riding a bike through their county a safe thing to do. There was literally nothing they could have done that would have been less effective and still done anything at all.

And even in what used to be a small town in PA, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure is getting installed. Road work begins in Carlisle road diet plan All I saw in the comments section was complaints about losing a lane for cars when the new traffic pattern actually smooths the traffic flow by moving turning cars out of the main flow of traffic, reducing the number of lane changes required to navigate the road.

And now I’m going to go buy a lottery ticket so I can buy a few roads and keep cars off them, so I have at least one place I can ride safely.

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