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I just got home from being in church all day, and the Feed

I’m beat, so if the comments read a little flat or unemotional tonight you should know that me being tired probably is a big part of the reason. I was in a class all morning and afternoon, I had a short break to come home and pick up my dish for the Vegetarian Pot Luck, and then ride right back to church with my dish for which I was just in time. We had dinner, then discussed the recipes for the food we just ate (or continued to eat). So, I left the house @0935 and didn’t get home to stay until 2055.

Up first is a 404 error, followed by why there is a 404 error. Cyclists involved in deadly accident were not wearing helmets Yeah, I know. Now the reason why the link is 404. US TV station pulls victim-blaming bike story after Twitter backlash Yep, millions of angry cyclists tweeted and retweeted the report until the station pulled the article. We can stop the spread of lies and half-truths, we just have to get people outside the country upset about it and contacting the people responsible plus making them look bad.

On the subject of the NC wreck, local cyclists plan a memorial/protest ride because of the wreck. Cyclists Ride for River Road Victims, Bike Safety AwarenessWhen all the roads are too dangerous for cyclists, then the roads are just too dangerous period, and something must be done. The reports keep talking about there being a bike lane on this road, but I just see a shoulder. Is this a real bike lane?

Another report on the LB Fire Captain arrested for hit-and-run and DUI in a hit-from-behind wreck of a cyclist riding in the bike lanes. Long Beach fire captain arrested on suspicion of hitting cyclist while driving drunk Yeah, nothing good there, and the injured cyclist is still unidentified.

After sobering up and fixing the damage to his vehicle from his wreck a hit-and-run driver turns himself in at his lawyer’s office in OR. Suspect in fatal hit-and-run with cyclist turns himself in You know, the tampering with evidence charge actually carries more time than the hit-and-run charge. He would have been better off copping to the hit-and-run without fixing the car, even if they can’t nail him on the wreck he will be worse off for trying to fix the car.

A right-hook in NJ. Bike rider injured in collision with car on Pompton Ave Serious car-head bias on this one. The cyclist was hit by the car’s right front tire while the car was turning right. Tell me the cyclist was “passing” the car and not the driver almost ran over the cyclist turning right, into the cyclist’s path. The way this tortures logic is a violation of the Geneva Convention.

Another hit-and-run in HotLanta. Cyclist killed in hit-and-run incident I just hope they catch the driver, and then “accidentally” kill him. You know what I mean, the “trip” down the back stairs of the building with only one floor…

Instead of that we are getting ridiculous tickets for running stop signs in empty streets, a ticket that wouldn’t even be written for a car driver. Cops Also Ticketing Cyclists For Ignoring Stop Signs At Empty Intersections I’m not saying the infraction didn’t happen, I’m saying that it would not have been ticketed if it had been a motor vehicle instead of someone on a bicycle.

Update from the Great White North on the truck driver charged in the death of a cyclist. Trucker charged in cyclist’s death Yep, falling asleep at the wheel and killing someone is against the law in Canada, whodathunkit?

Moving to Jolly Olde, a very dangerous driver has been removed from the roads, until he just decides “Sod it!” and drives anyway. 90 year old driver banned after seriously injuring cyclist Another case of different outcome for LEO or former LEO than for the general public.

Finally from Oz, lawyers circle the wagons and defend one of their own against loss of license to practice law. Cyclist killer lawyer ‘not unprofessional’ I’m sorry but homicide is enough reason to remove someone from practising law. Hit-and-run is more than enough to pull a law license. He should be in prison still, not doing writs and defending cases. Add in the fact that instead of calling for medical care for the victim the waste of human skin contacted his own lawyer and waited until he was sober before turning himself in and well, he IS a waste of human skin, isn’t he?

That’s all I can stand this time of night, I’m going to read some comics.

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