Texas weather

Texas weather is highly changeable, to put it mildly. It wasn’t too bad this morning, 77 degrees F at 1030 when I rolled out to go to church. We didn’t have anything major to take care of before I left, just the usual “stuff” that comes up from being a member of the BoD of a medium-sized church, and I was rolling for home a few minutes before 1300. By the time I got home I was feeling a bit damp from my exertions on Blue, but nothing disconcerting. The temperature was up to 84. This was on 4/10, just a few weeks after I was riding around in single digit F temperatures. I know places in the US that 84 F is not a couple weeks into spring but the dog-days of summer, I used to live there.

Speaking of places that don’t get too hot or too cold, I have a friend that lives in Seattle, who complains about how the weather never changes there. I asked him if how many times a day he had to change clothes (add or remove a layer, or completely re-dress) per day during the cold months, He said only when he goes in or out of a building, then he usually sheds his waterproof layer and one outer layer. I mentioned the day when I left the house with multiple layers on because it was 17 F (-8C) and was down to my waterproof layer and one thermal layer by the time I got back home 3 hours later because it was near 50F (+9C) and all the snow was melting and turning the streets into small rivers. Seattle hardly ever gets changes like that, we had them in one direction or the other all winter long.

Of course come Summer Seattle will get their revenge when we have lows in the low 80s (27 C) and highs above 100 (40 C) for weeks on end, and I wear as little clothing as I can and still stay legal. Actually that isn’t accurate, I wear pretty much the same thing except different pieces from May through early October, a wicking jersey or T-shirt with either Spandex or wicking Nylon shorts. Spandex is for when I only need the pockets I have in my jersey or will be riding for many miles which means I don’t want a center seam sawing at my butt, the other shorts are for when I need pockets like when I’m wearing the wicking T-shirt. And I wear the clothes because I need the pockets and sunscreen makes me sweat more than wearing the shirts. Which is why even in the dead of summer most of my body is so white it practically glows in the dark.

Anyway. I don’t have much to say, plus I have to get ready for a relaxed evening service tonight. So, more dead and injured cyclists tomorrow, drums and dancing tonight.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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