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More writing to do after the post, and the Feed

Yep I have to continue to slave away at the computer after I finish this post, I have a sermon to write… I am tasked with composing a Full Moon service based on the Homeric Hymn To the Moon and the Shelley response to that poem, by Friday. Can he do it? Tune in Saturday morning for a look at the finished product, under the category Sermon.

Up first is more on the hit-and-run death of a long-distance cyclist in SoCal. Bicyclist Killed in Hit-and-run Crash ID’d as Encino Man and the really big news on this story ENCINITAS: Detectives seek dark Dodge Ram in fatal hit-and-run Yep, now they are saying that the truck was a Dodge, not a F-150 as previously believed. So, maybe there isn’t a serial killer preying on cyclists in the SoCal area. Still, a Dodge Ram doesn’t look much like a F-150, why the mistaken ID by witnesses? From the detail of the ID I have to assume the vehicle ID was based on debris left at the scene, because it included parts that were common to a very small section of Dodge truck production. Or maybe we should just hunt down and kill all drivers of F-150s or Ram 1500, 2500, or 3500 of the years given in the article that have any kind of front end damage, just to be sure we get the guy. While this would be wonderful for cyclists’ safety, it would be real bad for civil rights, so don’t do it.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, another dead cyclist. Hernando cyclist killed in hit and run Another cyclist killed riding on the shoulder by a hit-and-run driver behind the wheel of a pickup truck in the state of Florida. That is so close to being a stereotype that if the results weren’t so tragic it would be funny. Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols, and maybe some laser-aimed recoilless weapons on the back of the bike to take out the vehicles before they can get away. Or getting back to the idea I put out yesterday, a rear-facing HD camera with a shock-activated cutoff that stops recording 5 minutes after impact to get the vehicle make and model, front license plate and maybe a picture of the driver. And all you FL readers, be looking for a black Chevy Silverado PU with major damage to the right front corner.

Up in the Great White North the truck driver that killed a cyclist while he was asleep behind the wheel goes to court for the first time. Trucker returns to court in May Nothing to be concerned about here, this is just the normal course of events when someone is charged with a crime. The driver will be let off with a slap in the wrist after everyone has forgotten about the wreck.

Moving on to Jolly Olde, the big deal in the media now is this cockamamie law being proposed to further criminalize killing a pedestrian while riding a bicycle. Cyclists for a crackdown on cyclists and from the Beebe Should death by dangerous cycling be a criminal offence? My sound card is SNAFU so I had to go by the limited transcript with the article. More Bike riders who kill could be charged with causing death by dangerous cycling Now, while I admit I have some sympathy with the families of killed and injured pedestrians, the case this law is being based on is not really a very good case to begin with, the pedestrians were in the street playing “chicken” with the cyclist, were minors under the influence of alcohol, and the cyclist stopped and rendered aid and waited until LEO showed up. Not to mention that when cyclists hit pedestrians they usually come out the worst of the lot, not the pedestrian. On the other hand when a cyclist or pedestrian is killed by a motor vehicle driver the first impulse is “what did the victim do wrong?” rather than criminal prosecution against the driver. Unless and until drivers that injure or kill are held to a stricter code, I can’t see holding cyclists to a stricter code than drivers currently are.

Moving to Oz, someone actually counted the number of cyclists running red lights at particular intersections. Cyclists should know when to stop The non-compliance rate was less than 7%, only slightly higher than the results I get watching cars at stop lights. Since none of the intersections was named I couldn’t get a Street View to see if running the light might be safer than obeying it, as has been proved in London. In London women are about twice as likely to obey the laws on red lights as males when both are cycling, but women are killed 6 times more frequently at intersections than men in spite of them only 1/3 of the cycling population. Note that I don’t condone running red lights, it’s just that there are times that standing at an intersection is an invitation to get killed.

Still in Oz, a cyclist with an assisted bicycle has a wreck and everyone is going bonkers because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Cycle death spurs helmet plea Oz has the most restrictive laws on assisted bicycles in the world with a 200W maximum power (which in real life works out to about 120W continuous) and a 25 km/hr speed limit plus pedalec control that restricts the amount of power delivered to a function of the power the rider applies. And even at that the speed of an Australian legal power-assist bike exceeds the design limits of the Australian bicycle helmet by 20%.

And last link, remembering a cyclist one year after he was killed in NY. Bicycle, pedestrian safety stressed one year after death of firefighter May his death save as many lives as he did during his life.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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