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Advice from users on the EL-530, and the Feed

I got a comment on my FB page from a person that has (had?) 2 530s, warning me about battery life. Apparently after a few hours the light output with new batteries goes to about half of what it started with, and stays there until the batteries fall apart inside the case, ruining the light. Since I plan on using NiMh rechargeable batteries for the long term I’m not too worried about that happening, but I will still have to be on my toes about replacing the batteries that came with the light, probably about the time of my Deathday celebration on August 31. Which reminds me, party on the patio of Sacred Journey Fellowship, Wednesday, August 31 2011, celebrating 10 years since I “died”. The theme of the party is going to be “zombie”. If you can’t attend in person raise a glass of your favorite libation in the general direction of TX and toast my health.

Up first is a report on what is sure to be prosecuted as a case of cyclist murder, if they even bother looking for the perpetrator. Man on bike hit by car, fatally shot by occupants How this could not be a case of murder I don’t know. Even if the initial impact was an “accident”, getting out of the car and pumping the cyclist full of lead implies intention to kill him.

Another update on the cyclist murdered in FL by a pickup truck driver. Funeral services to be held for SC biker killed in FL I don’t care what LEO call it, hitting a cyclist from behind with the driver’s side of the front end is aiming for the cyclist and was done with “malice aforethought”. It doesn’t matter that that “aforethought” was only a few seconds, it’s still murder.

Moving up to West Canuckistan we have an update on the cyclist hit by a semi. UPDATE: Cyclist-semi victim identified Nothing new on the mode of the wreck, they’re still saying a cyclist rammed a semi as improbable as that seems, but now they’re saying he did it without a helmet.

In Enn Zed a report of a driver being charged for killing a cyclist. Woman charged over death of cyclist(C)areless driving causing death” is about the least charge that can be given to a driver at fault in a wreck that causes death.

Back to Canada for a report that’s a little Infrastructure! and a little LifeStyle. New bike shop honours cyclist and helps inner-city kids Yes, bike shops are part of the infrastructure needed for cyclists, just like garages and body shops are infrastructure for cars.

And that’s all the Feed that had anything to do with actual bicycles and/or their riders.

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