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The CARnage continues, the Feed

While a large proportion of the news links I got today were LifeStyle, there were still a lot of dead and/or injured cyclists in the Feed.

Up first by reason of both proximity and because I know the victims, friend of this blog Chip Seal (aka Reed Bates) is hit from behind by a distracted driver. Deja Vu All Over Again The wreck in this case was a tandem bike with both seats occupied, fortunately with only minor injuries sustained. The impact was reported to be the center of the front bumper of the car and the rear wheel of the tandem. A large minority of Dallas-area drivers do not know how to drive.

Moving to the UK a cyclist is injured by a mantrap placed on a cycle path. Cyclist hurt by Surrey path wire ‘prank’ Putting glue in a lock is a “prank”, stringing a wire (and a pretty stout one at that) at neck height on a bike path is attempted murder. I hope LEO in this case are treating this with the attention deserved of an attempted murder or terrorist attack.

Still in Jolly Olde, an assault with intent to rob a cyclist. Police appeal after cyclist pushed off bike in robbery bid Shades of Pogan’s flying tackle of a Critical Mass cyclist a while back. If you’re one of my 2 UK readers and you know any details about this please contact the appropriate LEO.

Moving back to this side of the pond, Alaskan cyclists hold a memorial ride for one of their fallen. Community News – April 20

Students in one OK school learn a lesson about distracted driving from the victims that survived. Shawnee students hear about dangers of distracted driving Have you seen the MythBusters episode where they drove while talking on their cellphones and then drove drunk and compared results? They drove better drunk than talking on the phone, and that was with hands-free technology that allowed them full use of their hands while driving. Hang up and drive!

Interesting things coming in National Bike Month. Celebrate National Bike Month I’m not sure what Bike Month activities WoaB will be participating in beyond the Ride of Silence.

And finally a link that I had to hunt down because the original link went 404 on me. Fatal Crash Raises Concerns About Bike Safety, Prompts Push for Change The riders in this wreck did everything possible to prevent a wreck, but there’s nothing you can do about a drunk or sleeping driver.

And that’s all I have for you today.

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