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Happy Easter to my Christian readers

And happy chocolate bunny day to the rest of you. I don’t have much to say today, I’m looking forward to having a quiet evening tonight

Morning service was about the interdependent web of creation of which we are all a part, and how we can do our part to keep that web functioning. One of the things that someone else brought up was riding a bicycle uses less natural resources than even walking, and also that eating locally and what is in season was both cheaper and healthier in the long run. Given my battles with the local flora, eating them is the best revenge. It’s just going to have to be someone else growing the food, unless massive doses of Benadryl are handed out every day.

And now I’m going to take a nap.

PSA, Opus


After a busy day, a busy Feed

Well, it was a jam-packed day for me what with Flowfest, actually getting a ride in that wasn’t to get somewhere but just for “funsies”, and all the other stuff a guy has to do to not die or stink up the place. Flowfest was … windy. What else can you call it when your display table/portable altar goes tumbling across the lawn? The only literature we could hand out was when people remembered to ask for it because we couldn’t leave it laying on the table. Shoot, the plastic punch bowl we were using as our altar centerpiece had to be 1/3 full before we stopped having to hold it down. BTW we were doing an altar to water. Also I got in total of almost 17 miles all together today before I had to come home.

I couldn’t find any new wreck in the Feed today, so up first is an article that tells part of the reason why there are so many cyclists killed in the most deadliest place to walk or ride a bicycle in the US. Law puts a low value on the lives of bicyclists In case you were wondering how low a value FL puts on the lives of cyclists, try $250 per.

Actually I wrote too soon, in the comments to the above article I found this new wreck in FL Bicyclist struck crossing Court Street in Clearwater This is a classic case of “Deadly Samaritans”, where the nice driver stops and waves you through and the guy behind him guns it to get around him and nails you.

Apparently the State DOT in Anchorage has a heart of lead. Ghost bike memorial pedals into DOT headwind They keep making up new rules, and interpreting the existing rules so that Ghost bikes are against the law. I hope a cyclist that knows what’s going on here gets to decide if one of these guys gets buried when they die or gets a gravemarker when they get buried. I understand there is a precedent for setting the deceased out on a bower to be eaten by birds and critters in AK.

Still in AK, the cyclist the Ghost Bike is for was found to have run a red light in his death. Police investigation determines Anchorage cyclist was at fault in deadly collision The cyclist’s public GPS track showed him waiting in the sidewalk when he was hit, then dragged out into the inside lane next to the median, then moved to the sidewalk again, then moved inside the ambulance or coroner’s wagon where the GPS unit was shut off. Apparently the police did not bother to look or did not bother to zoom in on the track over the satellite image. You can clearly see the cyclist move around objects in the satellite view of the sidewalk, and other places where he must have gone around people or vehicles crossing the sidewalk. Just look here and see Another link to the police version, Cyclist killed in collision with car was at fault, police say

Moving way south of AK to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, and elderly cyclist is hit-and-run. Elderly cyclist killed on road From what little there is in this report it seems there was not enough debris from the weapon vehicle to identify it. The article updated as I was reading it to say the weapon vehicle was left at the scene, no word about the driver.

Moving to Jolly Olde where we have an update on the cyclist that was assaulted on the bike path. Cyclist ‘lucky to be alive’ after attack on West Stafford bypass Attacked on the bike path by a pedestrian, killed on the roads, is there no place for a UK cyclist to ride his bike?

Since we are already in the UK subject-wise, how about a LifeStyle article? Charity cyclist to ride 10 Fred Whitton Challenges in 10 days This sounds about like running the Boston Marathon, catching a cab back to the start and running it again.

Infrastructure! in CA. First Separated Bike Lanes in So Cal to Open in Long Beach Saturday Separated bike lanes (AKA bike tracks) are the Holy Grail of bicycle infrastructure, like they have in Holland. >drool<

Infrastructure and driver behavior are in question after pedestrian and cyclist deaths in the Twin Cities. Safety in Spotlight after Pedestrian, Cyclist Deaths I’m still trying to wrap my head around hitting 4 people on the sidewalk and just driving off, much less any of the rest of it.

Infrastructure in the Great White North. Death of Montreal skateboarder prompts safety demands Because the skateboarder was using the bicycle infrastructure like a bike rider and about the same speed an acceleration as a bike rider up to the point he was hit this becomes a bicycle article…

Finally, a Texas boy shows he cares, in North Carolina. Bobby Labonte cycles for charity One of the cyclists that was killed was actually part of a team sponsored by Bobby. That comes real close to you.

And that’s all I got tonight, plus I have to get some rest, I have another Sunday service to assist with, well this morning. I hate doing my blog past midnight, it makes getting to sleep so hard…

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