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The plants are out to get me again, and the Feed

Yes, I’m having another mid allergy attack, with the watery eyes, draining sinuses, and general irritability that normally accompanies such and event. I don’t mind plants having sex, I just wish the mess didn’t end up in my sinuses. And having gotten my statement of my current condition out of the way without having read any of the Feed first to pollute my mood, I have to go filter the Feed. I’m back now, and fortunately this was not a bad weekend for bicyclists. Now if you were riding a motorcycle…

Up first from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, they managed to get a bike ninja. St. Pete cyclist injured in crash with car Lots of people saw the bike ninja, except the driver of the car. I have posted this a number of times, but it bears repeating. If you are going to ride ninja, you have to ride as if you are invisible, because to the majority of drivers you will be invisible In other words you are the only one who can keep you from getting hit when you ride without lights or reflectors. You SA has to be perfect at all times, Maverick. You have to know where every car, truck, and pedestrian is within your radius of action, and you always have to be the one to yield right-of-way, because you’re invisible. If you can’t manage this, then put on as many lights and reflectors as you can so you can be seen.

Moving a bit to the north (OK more than a “bit”) a cyclist is hit in a SWCC wreck. Bicyclist on Gull Road struck by vehicle, injured Not enough information to process this one. First it’s a SWCC, second there is no mention if where the cyclist was crossing had a traffic control or anything that changed the standard rules of right-of-way. So, assuming the report is accurate, avoiding this kind of wreck is easy, just wait until traffic clears before crossing a road where you don’t have right-of-way.

The UK cyclist who was assaulted by a pedestrian for riding on the cycle path continues to make the news media. Lucky escape for Dorset cyclist as irate pedestrian pushes him into road I don’t know what else I can say on this one, they hate you for riding in the road, they hate you for riding on the sidewalks, and they hate you for riding on a shared cycle path. Is there anywhere in the UK they don’t hate cyclists?

And a Pakistani cyclist has his last really bad day, ever. FAISALABAD city news And just to be consistent, when a car blows a ti(y)re and rolls over on top of you, there is really no way to avoid the wreck without either super-speed or psychic powers. And if you already have super-speed, why are you riding a bicycle?

Back in the UK, a fallen cyclist is remembered. Tributes paid to cyclist killed during last Sunday’s Glasgow Ivy 100 in 8 ride I don’t normally report UK wrecks because of the media laws in the UK restricting useful information from reports, but because this was not a wreck report I included it.

Infrastructure! news from NYC, tongue in cheek edition. Some Cyclists Think Bike Lanes Are “Death Traps” And some drivers think anything smaller than a Mack truck is a “death trap”…

And finally, in the “doi” camp again, you should ride a bike that fits you. Trainer’s tips: Master bicycle basics before you take to the road The problem is, there are really people that are so uneducated about using a bicycle that they need the information presented in this article. This is a result of the sorry state of education in TX as it existed for at least the last 20 years.

And that’s all the bicycle news I have today. Now I get to watch the rain fall down, whoopie!

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