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Another visit to the Lab Rat Keeper, and the Feed

Well, the good news first: my formerly elevated rest pulse has returned to its turtle-like self. The bad news: I gained 1.2 pounds since last month. More bad news, instead of being provided with the med for the long-term study of effectiveness I have to get it myself, at a reduced price. Apparently they’re trying to make sure that what gets sold is what they are selling, but making me pay for it is… cheap, maybe?

Up first, one of 2 LEO who hit a cyclist while driving their police cars off-duty is given a slap on the wrist. Manslaughter charge dropped against Norfolk officer in crash I’m not really surprized at this, most drivers don’t even get this severe of a charge when hitting and killing a cyclist so long as they don’t leave the scene. But given the severity of the charges against both LEO, I wouldn’t be surprized that this was a plea bargain for testimony. Also, given that the defendant basically made the prosecutor’s case by admitting to driving more than 20MPH over the limit when he hit the cyclist. Pleading guilty without actually pleading anything. Since both cops were off-duty they were not using lights and sirens and therefore did not have the dash cameras activated, so no video. The comments on this one are almost all anti-cop, interestingly enough not many are actually pro-cyclists.

Moving a bit south and way west of that we get a hit-and-run about 150 miles from WoaB HQ. Man killed in bike hit-and-run Not a whole lot of information on this one, apparent hit-from-behind, dark car, no mention of cyclist’s lights or reflectors and this outlet loves to harp on ninja cyclists so he had lights. I would say there isn’t enough information to give credible advice on how to avoid a wreck like this. Interesting that there were no comments that blamed the cyclist for being on Lamar in Austin at a quarter to midnight. Usually there would be at least a page of blame-the-victim alone. Either the comments system change has discouraged hateful comments, or just maybe people in Texas are starting to grow up a little… yeah, the new comments system is making people be quiet.

In NYC a cyclist apparently runs into a car at a high rate of speed. Brooklyn Cyclist Killed in Gravesend Yesterday Ironic place name to die. The cyclist was going fast enough to enter the passenger compartment through the closed side window on the back passenger side of the car, that’s at least 30 MPH, probably a few over. No doubt about it, this was the cyclist’s fault, excessive speed, running a red light, failure to yield right-of-way, take those away and there would have been no wreck.

Moving about as far west as you can without getting your feet wet in the US, we get another hit-and-run in NoCal. San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney Sad to Report Another Hit and Run Wrongful Death This guy is sure putting on a show of being the Good Guy, thing is there ain’t nothing wrong with what he’s saying. Hit-and-run is treated way too leniently in this country, the victims are seldom treated with respect, and running can cover a multitude of felonies that can’t be proved unless the perp is caught within a couple of hours at the most in the majority of cases. I agree with the writer of this article that hit-and-run needs to be as severe a crime as any crime that could be covered up by running away for a few hours, like DUI or DWI, drugs, transporting minors for illicit purposes… Actually I would settle for making hit-and-run the same as felony DUI, or a capital crime even. If you hit someone while drunk now the best thing to do is run and hide until you’re sober, especially in TX. In TX if you kill someone while committing your 2nd or later DUI you could get life without parole.

Another good reason to have some form of ID that can remain with you through just about anything short of losing a major body part. Niagara OPP trying to identify cyclist hurt in hit and run The victim was hit by 2 separate vehicles in this wreck (wrecks?) and did not have a wallet when he was recovered from the road. From the description of the wreck (wrecks?) this was not an avoidable wreck, at least not after the first impact.

Don’t die like this guy, your final act looks like something from a cartoon or the 3 Stooges. Cyclist dies after collision with parked car in Newington Green If you have to hit the parked car, DON’T DIE THERE! Roll over and get run over by something, anything, so that you don’t die from hitting the parked car. Or try to make it look like you were hit by another car first and then hit the parked car on ricochet. JUST DON’T RUN INTO A PARKED CAR AND DIE THERE!

The guy in charge of transportation planning for cyclists in the UK was injured in a wreck. Sustainable transport charity chief badly injured in cycling crash Typical levels of detail for a UK report, but it wasn’t the wreck that was the story in this report, it was the victim of the wreck…

I don’t like W and what he did to the country during his 8 years, but one thing you have to say for the guy, he can ride a mountain bike. Former president accompanies injured vets on grueling bike ride

And that’s all I could find today, well there was another wreck article, but it kinda disappeared when I was doing the post…

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