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The plants are still trying to kill me, and the Feed

I woke up to find my eyelids glued together again this morning. It took both hands to pry them apart and I think I pulled out an eyelash or 2 in the process. Anyway, it hurt. I took some generic Benadryl and I can sort of see the computer screen, for now. The recent bad weather to the south has filled the air with tons of fine debris, including bits of plants and a lot of pollen that would otherwise not be in the air. Did I mention that the wind has been blowing from the south here in the suburbs of Hell? The Feed was a mixed bag this morning, but fortunately with no new wrecks.

Not a new wreck is this Ghost Bike going up for a hit-and-run victim down the road a bit from WoaB World HQ, in the aforementioned suburbs of Hell. Ghost bike put up to honor victim of hit and run driver As was posted yesterday, something needs to be done about hit-and-run, not just in Texas but in the entire country. This is a national epidemic that affects every road user, but has a disproportionate impact on users that don’t have access to insurance because they are not in a vehicle. Texas has no provision allowing people that don’t own motor vehicles to purchase Uninsured Motorist insurance that would cover in case of hit-and-run, to be covered requires the ownership of a vehicle that requires insurance. If you don’t drive, you’re out of luck.

Also not a new wreck is another report on the Canadian cyclist who was separated from his ID in a wreck. Police trying to ID cyclist injured in Port Colborne That was a highly ironic file picture at the top of the article, as the victim had none of those things. As I pointed out yesterday this is a good example of why you need to have something that requires removal of a major body part to lose your ID in a wreck, Like the Road ID system sold through the affiliate program in BikeJournal.com.

A wreck I’m having problems staying connected to, a terrorist attack on cyclists in Jolly Olde. Cyclist hurt riding into cable tied across path near Horley From the little I can read of this article before it disappears this seems to be either another attack of the same terrorists that set a similar trap near Surrey, or a copy-cat from a different cell. Or it could be a repost of the same wreck, even, because I know next to nothing about the geography of the UK.

Back in the US, NYPD has discovered that writing tickets for cyclists is easier than getting cars to stop. NYPD Also Ticketing Bikers For Not Using Bike Lanes I assume this means that cars blocking the bike lane will be towed now?

Roads will not be closed during a NV bike race in spite of an assault against one of the competitors during last years race. Cars, bikes to share road during Tour Sometimes you just have to wonder about the mindset of some people when things like this are organized.

Bike riders face the same fines as drivers when they use hand-held devices while riding. Distracted drivers, bike riders face higher fines On the one hand I see that cyclists present a greater danger to themselves when riding and using a hand-held cell phone, on the other hand I don’t see that distracted cyclists pose as great a danger to the public as someone piloting a ton or (usually) more of steel and rubber not having full attention on the roads, so why he same fine? I would like to see a fine system based on the relative destructive capacity of the vehicle: bicycles pay a maximum fine of $50, compact sedans and motorcycles $500, SUVs and light commercial vehicles $750, large commercial vehicles $1000. I also think that the Fee$ and A$$e$ment$ that raise the final fine to 6 times as much as the statutory fine are a revenue grab.

And that’s all I have today…

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