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I’m out-lasting the plants, and the Feed

Well the pollen count continues to be outrageously high, but it’s stuff I’m not allergic to as badly, other things are starting to bloom and we haven’t had any storms blow up to the upwind side of the prevailing wind. I woke up with my eyelids stuck together again this morning but after fixing that I haven’t had enough problem to warrant taking a pill. Now if I could only do something about the bad news in the Feed.

I’m opening up with a report that just outrages me. Cyclist charged with vehicular homicide That’s right, the guy on the bicycle, who was not drunk or under the influence of drugs, is being charged with vehicular homicide, when cyclists get killed the driver seldom even gets a ticket. What is wrong with the DA? The stated reasons are not even legal requirements for cyclists in GA. At any rate a reflective vest on the cyclist would not have kept the motorcyclist from getting killed any more than having mojo on the handlebars.

Moving to some good news, a drunk driver that hit a cyclist head on and then drove away has been found guilty of murder. Canyon Country Man Convicted Of Second-Degree Murder I have very little joy in this except that there might be a deterrent to other drivers who are thinking about drinking and getting behind the wheel.

Staying in CA for the moment, the driver that killed a cyclist riding a 600km brevet, and only a few miles from the finish of the ride, is formally charged. Arraignment of Motorist Accused of Killing Bicyclist James Swarzman There is a good chance the driver was drunk but because he left the scene and was sober when he turned himself in that will never be officially known…

Moving a bit to the north, it seems I’m not the only one that thinks Anchorage PD assessment of the wreck that killed a cyclist is full of donkey dust. Facts don’t back APD view of rider’s death When the article blaming the cyclist first came out I showed that the GPS track showed the cyclist waiting on the corner on the sidewalk just before the wreck, you can go back to the post from 4/07 in the archives for the link. You have to zoom in as far as you can with the picture view, sidewalks are not shown in the map view.

Another SC cyclist is hurt by another hit-and-run driver. Cyclist Critically Injured In Hit-And-Run The cyclist was wearing a helmet so the wreck was not his fault? Who writes the statements? Actually that was a quote from the report by the Highway Patrol, but still, if you don’t wear a helmet it’s open season on cyclists?

A cyclist hit in Canuckistan is recovering nicely from his injuries. Injured cyclist’s family appreciates assistance This was not the rider’s first motor vehicle wreck, he went through a windshield in an earlier collision.

The hit-and-run in Austin last week has repercussions all over the country. Man with Kingsport ties killed in Texas hit-and-run accident I sincerely hope they catch this guy, then destroy his vehicle.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today. Y’all have a fun weekend.

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