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After filtering and ugly Feed, you get a post

Yes the Feed was truly ugly today, with many reports on things that really peeved me greatly…

Up first in the list of things that peeved me greatly is 2 links about that woman that crossed 4 lanes while “asleep” to hit a cyclist, was found guilty and told not to drive, and has been caught twice driving while supposedly prohibited. Woman involved in drowsy driving death cited again and Driver in deadly crash cited again Something I can’t understand is why they let her keep the weapon vehicle. If you kill someone with a gun they keep the gun, why not do the same when you kill with a vehicle? That right there would be a serious deterrent to hitting vulnerable road users, losing your vehicle if found guilty. What would be really cool is doing what I saw on the Speed Channel show “Car Science”: chain the car behind a jet dragster and crank up the afterburner until the car explodes. That was cool.

In SC they are still looking for the weapon vehicle in a hit-and-run case. Authorities seeking leads in hit-and-run that injured Inman cyclist At least we know more about the cyclist now, as well as the fact that the weapon vehicle was red.

Down the road a bit from WoaB World HQ in the suburbs of Hell is an invitation to ride to remember a cyclist killed in a hit-and-run in Austin. Memorial ride for cyclist If there’s time you should do this ride.

Moving to CT, a cyclist does something that cars do to bicycles all the time and he’s the one that gets hurt. Man quickly released after bike-car accident There was a car stopped to allow another car to turn left, the cyclist couldn’t see why the car stopped and passed in the open lane on the right and the left-turning vehicle hit him. The usual scenario is for the car to be stopped for a cyclist or pedestrian crossing the road and the car zipping to the open lane beside him hitting the cyclist or pedestrian. I can’t say I like either scenario very much.

Moving to the Great White North, the wheels of Justice grind very slowly in a case of a cyclist that was killed. Struck cyclist case continues This case was first discussed when this blog was still being posted over on MySpace, before they started putting phishing warnings on my outgoing links. That was about 3 years ago… Driver was drunk, left the scene but was found shortly afterwards with a BAC in excess of .08%. I think the reason the caught the guy so fast was the truck was partially disabled in the wreck… But my memory could be at fault a bit after 3 years and a couple thousand wreck reports.

First of our LifeStyle articles is a running race honoring a runner and cyclist who was killed while in the process of setting up the first edition of this run. Annual fundraiser honors late organizer If you do that awful “running” thing, then this would be a good event to do. I prefer to keep what’s left of my knees intact…Besides GA is rather a long bike ride from here.

Making our sport/hobby/transportation choice available to people that otherwise can’t. Making bicycling accessible Most of this article is about making this work as recreation or athletics, not transportation.

This article is about making cycling accessible as transportation for the car-addicted. Bike commuting basics Lots of very good information in this article, the legal may not apply to your location.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today, look for a wreck-free Sunday rant.

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