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Happy Beltain, and Workers of the world, Unite!

There are 2 holidays being celebrated today as indicated in the headline for this post.

For those who share in my faith tradition, today is Beltain, a celebration of joy and fertility, marking the union of the Lord and Lady by which the earth is renewed. Many in my religion use this as a good excuse for running around naked and getting drunk, or just for going out into the woods (or whatever natural spaces they have available) and renewing their connection to the planet. Whatever works for you, I usually go for a bike ride, and share a tipple or 2 with my SO before retiring for the evening.

May Day is also the traditional Labor Day outside of North America, heavily celebrated in the former communist countries. I haven’t read Pat O’Grady’s missive for the day yet but I’m sure he has posted his traditional link to the Wobblies Worker’s Party, a political movement from the 19th Century that the Communists tried to swallow but which outlives them. The Wobblies used to be the world’s largest trade union, and with the union-busting that has been going on in the United States it might be the largest right now. I won’t say that unions are all-good wonderful things, but when unions were strong, so was the US, and I don’t think that was any coincidence. I used to be part of the Blogger’s Union, but when we went on strike in 2008, nobody noticed… 😉

However and why you celebrate this day, enjoy it. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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