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I won’t need to eat for a couple of days, and the Feed

Whoa, a slight bit of irony in that headline. Last night I went to my church’s monthly get-together at a buffet restaurant, which cost $26 for me and my wife. That is about a quarter of our normal weekly food budget for the 4 people that eat at our house, so we tried to take home at least that much food. There are no take home plates or doggie bags allowed there, so food removed from the premises has to be removed in a stomach. I htink you are starting to see where this is going… It’s a good thing that I ride a bike for transportation most of the time because I have trained my stomach to handle large quantities of food and managed to get my money’s worth out of the building between enchiladas, spanish rice, liver and onions, and a cabbage with tomatoes and onions dish, plus a sample of every dessert on the dessert bar. My wife was not so lucky. But neither of us has eaten breakfast today, and my wife will probably have to skip lunch and I might skip lunch, too. All I can manage to stuff down so far has been my usual pot of coffee, but I put a lot less sugar and milk in it this morning because my first cup tasted like candy… 😛

There were a lot of lifestyle articles in the Feed this morning as the death of bin Laden has pretty much taken the air away from the rest of the news. I know there were bike wrecks, but there were not a lot of people there to report on them because they were all chasing after an angle on the bin Laden story. I don’t have to chase angles as I’m the Everything That Needs To Get Done Person here at WoaB and all I have to please is me and whoever decides to read this. If they come here looking for bin Laden stories, well, why?

Up first is one of my few wreck links, another story on the hit-and-run in NC of a cyclist that had fallen off his bike in bad road conditions first. Cyclist dies after hit-and-run; police seeking driver Still the same story, cyclist hit or ran over something in the road that made him lose his balance and fall, car runs him over and leaves the scene. This was not a wreck the cyclist could have avoided because he was at best only semi-conscious after the first wreck. At this time it is not known what caused the first wreck that put the cyclist on the pavement, but he was on the pavement for long enough for the lead cyclists in the group to turn around and try to flag down the driver of the car that eventually hit him. And obviously don’t read the comments.

And that’s the only actual wreck to report on today, the rest is LifeStyle or Infrastructure! articles with our first being a report on the memorial ride Saturday in Austin. Austin Headlines It’s somewhat of a blotter report, you’ll have to scroll down for the ride report.

Also from TX but further from WoaB World HQ than KC, KS is this report from Victoria. Gone but not forgotten: Trek honors fallen officers of Calhoun County As a relative of LEO this is something I support.

In the same town that has so much hate in their comment section towards cyclists (in the first link today), news about their Ride of Silence. Bicycling In Greensboro, Inc. hosts fifth annual Ride of Silence on May 18, 2011 WoaB will have a representative at the Mother Ride for the RoS in Dallas, around White Rock Lake.

While we’re on the subject of the RoS… Annual Ride of Silence to be held There will be a RoS held in Binghamton NY, follow the directions in the article to find it.

In Sacramento CA an informative forum is held as they mourn lost cyclists. Forum near memorial promotes bicycle safety awareness Another article to not read the comments.

Something that might help reduce the number of Ghost Bikes and the need for RoS. Let’s Go Ride a Bike in PE Class Yes, let’s teach children how to ride a bike safely and legally in PE class, and make bike laws a required part of the testing at the end of the year.

An infrastructure article from the UK. Friends mourn woman cyclist, 35, killed in collision with lorry Because this is a UK wreck article from a UK media outlet they can’t discuss what the driver or the cyclist did or might have done to cause the wreck, but they can criticize the heck out of the deficiencies of the infrastructure.

And final article about infrastructure, insurance companies in Germany are trying to get e-assist bikes banned or forced to get insurance. Insurance Companies Start Smear Campaign against e-Bikes in Germany I don’t know what their problem is, e-assist bikes are limited to 250W and 15MPH in Europe, or basically the same speed as an unassisted bike…

And that’s all the bike news I have today, the temperature is about 70F and there’s almost no wind, I’m going to go for a bike ride, just for fun with no particular place to go…

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