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A rough Feed

The plants are still trying to kill me, and there were a lot of cyclists hit by cars in the Feed.

Up first some good news, kinda. Norfolk officer convicted in fatal crash with bicyclist To bring you up to speed on this one, 2 cops were racing to get there first on a non-emergency call, the one in front saw a man riding a bicycle and stopped to avoid hitting him, the second went around him and killed the man. Neither officer was using lights or siren while driving in excess of the speed limit. Now the big question is going to be will there be any punishment?

On the other side of the country the driver that was behind the wheel with a .24% BAC when he hit a cyclist has been re-arrested. [UPDATED with Arraignment:] John Hines, Long Beach Fire Captain, Arrested for Felony Hit and Run JMHO, but they should never have re-arrested him because he should have never been given bail in the first place. Hit-and-run should be one of those crimes that never gets bail because the perp has already fled punishment once, demonstrating a flight risk…

A cyclist in TN is hit by an SUV, media declines to blame the cyclist. Bicycle rider hit by car This is another one of those driverless cars hitting people all on its own…

A wreck in Oz. Cyclist injured in hit and run at Aspley Aside from “dark-coloured sedan” witnesses did not get a good ID on the weapon vehicle. Apparently a hit-from-behind wreck, use the appropriate protocol to avoid.

Moving on to Infrastructure! articles of various stripes we get this nonsense from an insurance company. Amica Insurance offers tips for National Bike Safety Month Almost a third of the article is devoted to helmet wearing with the tired claim that helmets prevent 85% of head injury, taken from the now-refuted Australian report on bicycle wrecks before and after a helmet law was instituted. Note that the Witch of WoaB wears a helmet every time he rides, so I’m not anti-helmet, I’m just anti-stupid.

In Jolly Olde the fight to make cyclists killing pedestrians more severe than drivers who do the same or kill cyclists is still going on. Cyclists hit out at new bill I don’t see what all the fuss is about something that happens once every 3 years on average and that when it happens it is about 50-50 on blame, half the time the cyclist is at fault, half the time the pedestrian is at fault, and every time it happens the cause of death is head injury…

Another RoS article, this time from AL. ‘Ride of Silence’ to remember Mobile cyclists killed or injured while riding Just a reminder Blue and I will be at the Mother Ride in Dallas at White Rock Lake.

And that’s all the bicycle news I have for today.

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