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Grocery shopping day, and an ugly Feed

Yes this is the day that I do “mule duty” as the designated beast of burden to bring home the comestibles, since I consume the majority of them. Everyone here is trying to lose weight, but I seem to be the only person using the “exercise more” side of the equation to increase Caloric consumption so I can continue to eat like I want so I end up eating most of the food that comes in the house. Since we try to consume food as lightly processed as possible that means we bring home lots of produce and ingredients to prepare, I get all the heavy stuff, and then as much of the rest as I can stuff into my 1980s era Army ruck, and my wife has to carry the overflow which usually isn’t much, often just 2 loaves of bread is all she has to carry home from the store. Door-to-door getting groceries is a 2 mile round trip for me, a little over a mile for my wife who just takes the bus from her work to the stop in front of the store and usually walks home because it is quicker than waiting for the bus, which only takes about a quarter mile off the walk anyway.

Up first is a hit-and-run on a cyclist in a designated bike route. Hit-and-run on Shore Drive injures cyclist This was obviously a hit-from-behind wreck that the cyclist never saw coming. Rear-view mirrors and hit-from-behind protocols as linked at the top of my blog would have helped. It might not have prevented the wreck but it could reduce the severity of the injuries sustained. BTW the comments are growing at an alarming rate most blaming the cyclist for being there to get hit. Don’t read the comments.

A SWCC wreck in CA. Bicyclist taken to Lodi Memorial after collision with car on South Hutchins The damage on the weapon vehicle is consistent with a hit from behind wreck by a distracted driver, but without seeing the damage to the bike I can’t state for sure exactly what happened. I do know that the driver’s statement should be taken with about a 2-kilo grain of salt. But, assuming the driver’s story is accurate then the cyclist also could not have seen the car until it was too late to avoid, which means this intersection should have a reduced speed limit and a 4-way stop so that people can cross the road without having to dodge cars they can’t see until the last second, moving @45 MPH.

Another report on the court case against the man that hit a cyclist that was lighted like a Christmas tree from behind and then left the scene. Man pleads not guilty in bicyclist’s death The evidence in this case is so overwhelmingly against the defendant I don’t understand why he doesn’t just fall on his knees and beg for mercy from the court. If he does that he might get off with a minor slap on the wrist and still get to drive when he gets out. Of course Swarzman will never get “out” of being dead after he was hit and left to die by the defendant.

Even though this is a UK wreck I’ll post it anyway as the severity was enough that what happened is easy to figure out. Cyclist left severely injured after crash The cyclist was in the passenger side of the front seat after having come though the windshield, which indicates an impact at a high rate of speed on the part of the car. The front windshield of a car is much stronger than the back one. Even when hit at 27 MPH the rear window of Dr. Thompson’s car was only broken, the cyclist was not actually inside the car, but this cyclist was actually inside a car after going through the front windshield, indicating an impact speed in excess of 40 MPH relative to the windshield. The comments indicate that the cyclist was riding downhill at or near the speed limit when the car turned in front of him and he hit the car very early in the turn. This would be the UK equivalent of the left cross.

Outrage in the UK over a cyclist’s killer getting a minor slap on the wrist. Tragic cyclist’s partner hits out at driver’s ban Kill a cyclist get…”She just walked away with 180 hours’ community service. That will be over in no time and just one year off the roads.” At 15 hours per week-end the killer’s community service will be done by the end of July if she gets started now, and she never loses a minute from her regular job, which was driving a bus but she won’t be doing that for a year. If she decides to do the community service in larger chunks then she could be done by the end of June, assuming she works only 40 hours a week and doesn’t get started for 2 weeks.

Moving to Infrastructure! down the road from WoaB HQ in the suburbs of Hell, Austin is discussing what can be done in the wake of a hit-and-run against a cyclist that was lighted well in excess of the legal minimums. Cyclist death prompts closer look at bike lanes The cyclist was in exactly the same place he would have been with lines painted on the street, just outside of the door zone on the right side of the lane, would a line painted on the street have prevented the vehicle from hitting him from behind? Well no, but hitting a cyclist in a bike lane makes fault easier to prove than just hitting a cyclist from behind because of the lane change involved.

In Delaware, cyclists’ lives are valued more than the few seconds it takes to pass one safely. Delaware Senate passes bill to give cyclists space Don’t read the comments section…

Another Ghost Bike in CA. Ghost Bike Memorial Reminds Cyclists Of Dangers In both wrecks mentioned it was somehow the fault of the cyclist for not following some unwritten law about wearing a helmet or reflective clothing rather then the driver for hitting a slower vehicle in front of them on the road. How about reminding drivers that it is against the law to hit people with cars even when those people are not driving a car.

Final link is to a report on how to fit a bike so that riding it is not a pain in the … ‘It should not hurt to ride a bike’ Getting a bike that fits you is the first thing you should do when you start riding a bike. That means buying a bike that isn’t too big or too small. For wedgie bikes more than 4″ of exposed seat post means your bike is too small, less than an inch means it is too big. The majority of BSO sold through big-box discounters are too small to way too small, basically kids’ bikes sold to adults as adult bikes.

And that’s all the bike news I have for today. Happy Cinco de Mayo for my Hispanic readers, or “Get drunk and pretend you’re a Mexican” day for my readers in the US.

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