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Getting ready for the weekend, and the Feed

The weekend is my busy time here at WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell, first Saturday especially. I have a writer’s group meeting in the morning, and a D&D game in the evening, plus two services on Sunday, and a Faith Development meeting tonight. I have about 36 miles of riding just to get to all the meetings I have to attend this weekend, which doesn’t even count riding to get stuff for the house and kitchen, not to mention that I will have to go to a dinner for my wife on Mother’s Day. Let’s just say that I will be spending a lot of time on my bike this weekend. At least the weather will be nice for it.

Up first is a hit-from-behind wreck in TN. Bicyclist injured when hit by car on Lamar Alexander Parkway I just love all the comments about the cyclist should have been riding in a park… Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols, along with actually testing people before handing out a driver’s license would help. Another article to not read the comments.

Moving to the UK, cyclists are pissed about poor infrastructure killing cyclists, also big trucks killing cyclists because of poor infrastructure. Petition launched after Tottenham students’ death gathers pace Big rigs (HGV in UK transportation jargon) are killing cyclists way out of proportion to either’s proportions in the road mix, with the reason given that the drivers of said killer vehicles can’t see cyclists when they pull up to an intersection, because of the huge blind spots in the driver’s field of vision rendering bicycles closer than 50 yards effectively invisible as well as most cars and smaller trucks. Yet somehow truck drivers manage to not hit cars and trucks in spite of the fact that they are just as invisible as cyclists.

In the American answer to Amsterdam, Portland OR, they are gearing up for the annual “Blessing of the Bikes”. Annual bike blessing ceremony — Portland I’m going to bring this up with Faith Development tonight 😉

Doing something to let LEO know that what they do is not ignored. Cyclists take Ride of Hope to remember fallen officers As th4e father-in-law of a LEO WoaB supports this ride.

More LEO riding bicycles. Five of Howell’s Finest Ready for Two-Wheeled Adventure New Jersey to DC is not as long a ride as Dallas to Houston, in spite of crossing 2 states…

Final link is to an Infrastructure! report on a loop in NYC that is approaching completion. On Two Wheels, With Water as a Companion

And that’s all the bicycle news I have for you today.

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